10 Trendiest Basement Design Ideas


Basements tend to get filled with all sorts of things that are not needed. Old, unwanted, and worn out pieces of stuff are forgotten in the basement. This way the basement was just an unutilized space and the movies made our kids believe that scary things live down in this space. So, instead of wasting so much of square footage, make the most of it with these amazing basement design ideas.

Having a nice useful basement will not only add value to your home but also be a great place for you and your kids to hang out. So whether you have an entire floor or a small room you can design it creatively into a space that you will look forward to spending time in.

10 Hottest Basement Design Ideas for 2020

Let’s get started.

1. Living Space

Living Space
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Creating a second living space is one of the most common basement design ideas. It never goes out of trend and you get a second room for your entire family to hang out. Figure out your budget and then design your living space accordingly.

You can use the same color pallets and tile design as your house to make it feel like just another room of your house. As some nice cozy furniture like sofa and chairs, make the room colorful by adding rugs, throw pillows, frames, and some flowers.

2. Home Office

Home office room
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Another great way to use the basement is turning it into a home office. You can make a great study in your basement where you can work peacefully without any disturbance. In this modern era, many have started working online from home on some small business or doing something they are passionate about.

Basement home office can be a great place where you can focus on your work. Add some nice chairs, tables, and cabinets and shelves to make storage spaces and design your home office.

You can read my article on Home Office Organization Ideas to get some inspiration.

3. Guest Bedroom


When you have guests for overnight stays, you might need a bedroom for them as well. If you are good on a budget, then you can make a guest bedroom in the basement. It is also one of the trendiest basement design ideas of 2019.

To make a cozy bedroom, include furniture like a cozy bed, sofa, and a cupboard. If you are really good on a budget then you can add a lounge area too. Make sure to add proper lighting and some decorative stuff to make the room more bright and colorful. Use neutral paints to make the room appear bigger.

4. Gym

Credits: thelifevest.com

The basement is a perfect space to make your private gym. This way you will not miss out on the gym and get a nice healthy and fit body.

Bring in the workout machines according to the space available. If you have a large space then you can bring several machines but if you have a small space then get small and limited machines. You can even create a steam room in the basement if space is enough.

5. Kids Play Area

kids room
Credits: sebringdesignbuild.com

If you don’t want your kids to mess around the entire house, make a play area for them in the basement. Put their toys, chairs, games, and soft toys. Make a small library with all the story and activity books. Paint the kid’s room with bold colors. Kids enjoy colorful areas.

You can even add a colorful chair and sofa for you to sit and do your work while your kids play. You can even put in small chairs and table for kids to sit and play games and do other fun activities like drawing, crafts, and playing with clay.

6. Basement Bar

Credits: thespruce.com

You don’t want your drinks up in the living room? No problem. Basement can be a perfect bar where you can enjoy your drinks. Install a counter or island table and make a nice cabinet for the drinks behind this table on the wall and some cool chairs and light in the room to give you the feel of a pub.

You can even install a TV for you to enjoy a match or watch any show. A music system is also a good option if you are the one who generally has friends over for the party.

7. Game Room

game room
Credits: amruthaha.info

Who doesn’t like to play games? Games are not only for kids but even for adults. You can have a table and a few chairs around to play card and board games. Bring in some indoor games like pool, foosball, table tennis, air hockey, and any other games you and your family would like to play.

This room can then be a hangout place for you and your friends where you can enjoy freely without worrying about messing things.

8. Mancave

Credits: telegraph.co.uk

Another hottest and trendiest in the list of basement design ideas is a Mancave. Make a perfect Mancave for yourself in the basement where you can enjoy a game night or have a peaceful time alone. Add a pool table, a nice big TV or projector where you can watch the games, some comfortable sofa chairs, and lastly a small bar.

Enjoy time with your family or have your friends over for drinks or just spend some quality time alone here. It is a great way to escape from your daily routine and also enjoy Sundays and game nights.

9. Studio Apartment

studio apartment
Credits: oakshotels.com

If you have a large basement then turn it into a studio apartment. It is one of the popular basement design ideas and you will definitely love it. It can be a nice space for your guests who are over for a long time or for your grown-up kids. They can enjoy their privacy and have a good time as well.

Add in a cozy bed, a lounge area, and a bathroom. If there is some more space left then make a kitchenette. But this is possible only if you have a large space and a good budget. If you are short on money then use a simple bed and a few chairs and a table. You can always add in stuff in the future.

10. Woman Cave

woman cave

If one can have a Mancave, then why not a woman cave. If you have a girls night or want to hang out with your girlfriends then this can be a perfect place. Make the basement a little girly by adding colors in the shade of pink or purple if you like. Light pastel colors with some pop of bold furniture also look great.

Make a small stage for music or dancing. Have a mini fridge to keep your drinks. You can also keep games that you girls would like to play.

So, don’t waste the space of your basement, bring it to full use. I hope you made your choice from the list of basement design ideas mentioned above. What are you going to do with your basement? Do let me know in the comment section below.

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