10 Cool Small Space Gardening Ideas to Garden Anywhere

Small space gardening

Wish to start gardening, but are you short on space? No problem.

You don’t need a big space for gardening. Gardening adds so much beauty to your house and life. Plants and flowers can make any space beautiful. Don’t let the small space restrict you from building your own garden. You can start your garden in your small yard, terraces, patios, decks, etc.

Inside or outside, big space or small space, it doesn’t really matter how you start gardening, but what matters is that you must do. I suggest everyone to start planting flowers and incorporate greenery and colors in their lives. Garden is good for your body and mind, it helps reduce stress, purifies the air, and spreads positive vibes.

So, I am here with some small space gardening ideas to make the most of the small spaces and make your house more beautiful.

Small Space Gardening Ideas: 10 Amazing Ideas for Small Spaces

Here we go.

1. Stacking up

Stacking up

The best way to maximize a small space is by stacking up or using tiered planters.  Stacking up your plants will give you enough vertical space for the gardening. Use boxes, crates, or tires to create the stack.

With this method, you grow as many plants you want in a small space and none of your plants will go unnoticed. You can even create your own planter and add layers to it for planting. If you have pots in different sizes, then you can stack the pots on each other, with the large pot at the bottom and small pot at the top.

2. Driveway or sidewalk

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If you don’t have much space in the yard to create an actual garden, use the sides of the driveway or the sidewalk to create a garden. Add small colorful flowering plants and small lights to make your path beautiful.

You will be able to enjoy the colors and greenery every time you walk through the path. Your friends and guests too will be impressed and get a positive vibe whenever they visit you.

3. Reusing Something Old

Reusing household
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Well, everything in gardening does not have to be new. You can reuse some of your old stuff as planters. This way you can show your creativity and make the most of your small space. People will tend to notice these amazing creative planters more than the small space.

Use old bathtubs, cycles, dressing tables, barrel or sacks/bags. You can grow plants in these things which can be placed or moved anywhere and anytime you want.

4. Using Steps

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When you are in short of space, transform every little area that you get for gardening. The steps can be a great way to add potted plants. Add different potted plants on the side of each step.

All the plants will be clearly visible and they can create a beautiful entrance to your house. You don’t need a big garden to make the entry beautiful. Steps can also form a beautiful entrance. In the evening, you can sit on the steps and enjoy the beautiful flowering plants.

5. Container Planting


Container planting

Container planting is one of the best methods of gardening for those who have very small or no garden space. It gives you the freedom to plant anywhere you like. After a few weeks, you feel that a certain plant should be somewhere else, you can easily do it with container planting.

Container planting can be done on the stairs, deck or patio. You can even hang them on a wall or fence or mount them on the windowsill. With this method, you can add colors and greenery in any corner of your house.

6. Balcony or Windows

Window planters

Don’t let small space be an excuse for not gardening. You can use your balcony to add plants. They will make your simple balcony into a place where you can relax and get the feel of nature.

When you don’t have a big balcony bring your windows into action. Add potted plants to the small window balcony. You can even install window boxes for gardening. They will beautify the exterior of your house.

7. Trellis

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Trellis can be used for vertical gardening. Build it against the walls of the house where you would like to grow plants. They will make even the plainest wall colorful and attractive.

The greenery and beautiful colored flowers around your house walls will make your house more elegant. You can add the trellis to the wall of the patio and add a rocking chair to create a small garden for you to relax.

8. Right plants

Right plants
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If you have a small space, growing plants that spread too much or huge trees make no sense. It is important to choose the right plants for small space gardening. Select dwarf plants or plants that can grow in pots.

Plan on growing plants that can serve you in multiple ways. Plant some herbs or edible plants. This way you can enjoy the greenery, fragrance and the produce all at the same time.

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9. Hangings

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When there is not enough ground space use the ceilings and the walls. Use colorful pots, containers, and holders to grow plants and hang them in the rooms.

Be creative by using soup cans, containers, etc for growing plants. Use terrarium to decorate your rooms and balcony. It will be eye-catchy and you can enjoy the beautiful nature in your home.

10. Multipurpose

Small space gardening

Don’t have dedicated garden space? Turn your terrace, balcony or patio into a multipurpose space. Grow some potted and hanging plants. Add a nice small dining table and a swing chair. Put on some string lights and use trellis on the wall, You will have your very own, small and comfortable garden and romantic hangout space.

Gardening will not just make your house prettier, it is even good for your health. Gardening and the greenery around reduces stress and keeps you cheerful. So, small space or no space, don’t let it be an excuse for not gardening. Start your small garden today itself.

Hope you found my small space gardening ideas helpful. Spread the love by sharing this article with your friends and family who may wish to start gardening.

Small space gardening