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small front yard ideas

Consider yourself lucky if you have a front yard. Where it is big or small, it doesn’t really matter. Proper planning and you can make the most of your small yard. So, if you are not sure about what to do with your front yard, continue reading this post.

Your guests, neighbors, or for that matter even you have to pass through the front yard to enter the house. This means your front yard is the first impression of you and your house. Your house tells a lot about your personality and choices, and the yard is a part of your house. And you don’t want to ruin that. Invest some time and little efforts and you can have a beautiful front yard easily.

Here are some of the small front yard ideas which will solve your confusion and help you design your yard. Depending on your environment, space available, and climate choose the appropriate plants and designs. You need not use only plants and flowers to decorate your yard, use rocks, some old household items, or decorative materials. Be creative and rock your yard.

13 Creative Small Front Yard Ideas

Let’s begin.

1. Pathway

Credits: Oprah.com

Let us start with one of the basic small front yard ideas. The easiest way to design your front yard is to make a path from the gate leading to your house. This path can be made in many ways:

  • Use tiles to make a path. Plant small boxwood shrubs along the pathway.
  • Use tiles but keep space between each tile to make it look like a stepping stone path. This looks best when there is grass around.
  • Make the path using small gravels. Line the pathway with flowering plants.

2. Lightening

Credits: diynetwork.com

Make your yard more bright and a place where you can enjoy even at night. Add lights to your front yard this will give you a festive feel throughout the year.

  • Add small lamps on the side of the pathway.
  • Put string lights on the tree and near the sitting area to create a romantic space.

3. Flower bed

Flower bed
Credits: eduardolandscapeanddesign.com

Flower beds can make your house look beautiful and elegant. They add color and life to a boring yard. You can create a flowerbed at various places around your yard. Some ideas are:

  • Make it around a tree in a circular shape. You can make the flower bed directly on the ground with a small border or use a raised bed method to make the flower bed.
  • Flower bed can be made attached to the house. This way your yard and house both will get a colorful touch.
  • Another great way is to make a flower bed near the fence or along the border of the yard.

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4. Colorful plants

colorful plants
Credits: owtdoor.com

Instead of using a single color flower, make a pattern with flowers of different colors. You can even add some greens in between to give a more pleasant look. There are plants with different color and patterns of leaves, combine such plants and make a border.

5. Border

Credits: forbes.com

Borders are an amazing way to separate the available space. They also make your house unique. Borders can be made in many ways and in many places. Here are some tips:

  • Make a border using colorful flowering plants and green shrubs around the house. This way you can get an illusion of bigger front yard space.
  • Make a border with boxwood shrubs in the yard to separate the sitting area or play areas from the rest of the yard.
  • You can even make a border in the form of a small wall by stacking stones on each other.

6. Make patio


Turn your yard into a patio. Put some tables, chairs, hammock, etc. for you and your family to sit and enjoy. Put some string lights and hang some planters. This way your yard can be multifunctional. Hang baskets of Petunias or use trellises to grow some flowering plants and make your plain wall colorful.

7. Water feature

water feature
Credits: verticalstore.co

Another interesting Small Front Yard Ideas is adding water feature. The sound of water falling or hitting the rocks is just so relaxing. Adding a water feature to your yard will make your house more classy and you can always enjoy your mornings and evenings by reading a book or just sitting near this water feature. Some ways to add a water feature in the yard are:

  • If you have a small space then be creative and add a water fountain to your yard. You can use barrel or stack of pots to make your own fountain.
  • Layer rocks on one other to make your own mini waterfall.
  • Dig a small piece of ground in your yard and add pebbles, rocks, and water to make a small pool. You can combine the waterfall and the pool together as well.

8. Planters

Credits: topdreamer.com

Planters make your yard more creative and appealing. There is no rule that you have to grow plants directly on the ground. You can use a variety of things around you as planters. Some are:

  • If you have a tree stump in your yard, use it as a planter
  • A hollow tree log can be used to grow flowering plants.
  • Use household items like an old bathtub, cycle, etc.
  • Steel planter boxes are also available in the market just in case, you wish for raised bed planting.

9. Lawn


Another simple yet elegant idea for front yard is a perfect lawn. Green grass will make the space vibrant. You can surround the lawn with small black stones or gravels in curves or swirls. Grow flowering plants along the border of the lawn. You can use a combination of two to three flowering plants or a monochromatic color plant.

10. Trees and Boxwood plants

Boxwood Small Front Yard Ideas
Credits: mostbeautifulgardens.com

Do you already have huge trees in your yard? Use it for your advantage and decorate your yard around it making it a focal point of your yard. Make raised bed around hug trees and grow some flowers and plants. You can even make a tress bench around the trees and grow flowers in space between the tree and the bench. But if you don’t here’s what you can do to add trees and plants.

Plant some dwarf trees and surround it with flower beds or boxwood plants. Boxwood plants can make your house look sophisticated. Grow a dwarf colorful tree on either side of the entrance or door. Combine it with shrubs and low-growing plants.

11. Stones and Plant Combination

Border Small Front Yard Ideas
Credits: coolanz.com

Use plants and stone combination to decorate your yard. Use pebbles to make a border around the pathways or house and grow some plants in between. If you wish to change the position of the plants frequently then use potted plants. Try playing with the colors of the stones and plants to get a more creative and beautiful yard.

12. Stones display

Stone display
Credits: homedit.com

Gardening need not be always about plants and trees. Use different colored stones and gravel to decorate your front yard. And guess what? Decorating your front yard with stones is such low maintenance. So, if you don’t have much time and looking for an easy-care solution, go for a stone display.

Use different colored and sizes of rocks and divide your garden into parts with these stones. Try desert landscaping by growing succulents on the rock planters and keeping less of plants and more of stones.

13. Decorating Fence

fence Small Front Yard Ideas
Credits: aolhouse.com

Make full use of the fence around your house. Grow small plants along the border of the fence. You can try various combinations to make the fence beautiful. Few combinations are:

  • Grow small green boxwood plants.
  • Make an alternate green and flower display.
  • Use a combination of three to four flowering plants and grow them alternately.
  • Use plants of different heights to make a pattern.