10 Clever And Popular Small Dining Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Small Dining Room IdeasA dining room makes every mealtime entertaining and special. I am not blessed with a home that has a full, dedicated dining room. But having meals with the family is the best part of my day. The dining room brings family members together to share not just meal but you also get to catch up on each other. That is when I thought, though I don’t have a dining room I can find some space to squeeze in a dining table and make a dining room.

And I know there are many like me who do not have a perfect and formal dining room but still dream of having a nice cozy area for your meal time. But, don’t worry I have some absolutely great Small Dining Room Ideas collected for you which will help you create a stylish little space for your dining room.

Just in case you have a dining room available but it is small in size then too you can scroll through this post to get Small Dining Room Ideas.

10 Small Dining Room Ideas To Make the Most of Your Small Space

Let me take you through some clever small dining room ideas.

1. Foldaway Dining Table

Foldaway dining table

Folding Dining Table is the best solution when you don’t have a dedicated space for your dining room. You can keep the table small and sweet when you are just having meals with your family. And when you decide to host a dinner and invite guests over, the table can be fully extended.

This table will make your dining space look creative and will successfully impress the guests. The foldaway dining table can also be multi-purpose furniture and take up very little space.

2. Dining Benches

Dining Benches for Small Dining Room Ideas

When you are short on space then why not use it efficiently. Dining benches can be the best space saver. Replacing traditional chairs with benches can give a nice unique look to your dining area and the benches can easily make space for more people than the chairs.

Try to match the dining area with the surrounding designs to get a more beautiful look. Use the right color combination and table shape to fit your room. And when not in use, the benches can be easily tucked away under the table.

3. Minimal Dining

Minimal Dining
Credits: Wilko

Got no space in the living room? Round or rectangle table surrounded by chairs on all side can take up quite an area. How about using the walls and sides of the room? Minimalist dining can do wonders when it comes to making up a space for meals.

Use the wall to create a countertop giving the look of a floating shelf. Use bar stools for seating arrangements. These slim legged stool can be pushed in under the shelf when not in use. You can create this minimal dining table in the kitchen under some in-wall shelves. The in-wall shelves can be used to showcase your beautiful owned serving pieces.

4. Dining Near Window

Window dining
Credits: James French

If you make a dining space near the window you can enjoy the natural lights along with your meal. Make a built-in seating by the window in an L-shaped or C-shaped bench arrangement. Add in a nice table to make your dining corner. Use benches with storage so not waste any space.

Add a soft layer on the bench to make it comfortable to sit. Trow in some pillows to make a lovely cozy arrangement.

5. Narrow Dining Room

Narrow Dining Room

Are you someone who has a narrow dining room and searching for some small dining room ideas? Well, let me tell you can easily make space for a large number of guests in that area of your house.

If you have a narrow space between the kitchen and living room then convert it to a dining room. A circular or big rectangle table might not always be the right choice for the dining room. It is necessary to analyze a space before buying any furniture. A slimline table can be used when you have a narrow dining room.

Just leave enough spaces for people to move around and you are good to go.

6. Cozy Corner

Cozy Corner
Credits: Tara Donne

When you are already short of space use the already designed corners of your house to make a cozy dining area. Everything need not be brand new or a perfect set. Use the already present furniture in the house to create a mix-match theme sitting arrangement.

Combine a dining table with a sofa and few chairs. Add in few cushions and flower vase to make you cozy corner look attractive. Apart from being a cost saver, it can also be a comfortable place where you can sit and talk for hours.

7. Banquettes Dining

Banquette Dining
Credits: Jamie Mason

Banquette Dining can be one of the best small dining room ideas. If you already have a banquette then add a table and few chairs to make your small dining room. Keep the color of the wall and the banquet same to give a nice blending look. This will make your dining space feel big and attractive.

The plus point of using banquettes is that it provides storage space.

8. Decorate Surroundings

Decorative Dining
Credits: Cuckooland

Though your dining room is small, you can actually do a lot of stuff to make it look stylish. Don’t just limit yourself to decorating the table. Use the walls and the surrounding areas to make your dining corner cozy and pretty.

Try to utilize each and every inch of space. If you want to try some adventurous theme then go for bold colors. Use plants and ornaments to decorate the table. Use some lamps, paintings and wall shelves to decorate the area around. Even if you are just using a corner of your room, decorating it will make that part of the room to stand out.

9. Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island
Credits: kitchenlabdesign.com

Here is the small dining room idea for your kitchen. The kitchen island serves as a multi-functional table. You can use it for meal prepping and also enjoy your meals there. You can add storage space under the kitchen island if needed. Use stools for sitting as you can easily slide them under the table.

Try using a similar color scheme for the kitchen and the dining area to make it feel connected.

10. Glass Table and Armless Chair

Glass Table and Armless Chair
Credits: bhg.com

Using a glass table will make it disappear in the background. This will make your dining space appear bigger. Use a small round glass table and armless chairs, so that they can be tucked in when not in use. Armless chair requires less space than an armed chair. Use white color wooden chairs or dining set of the monochromatic palette. They will expand the space and make your dining space look elegant

Final Words

Making a dining room in a small space can be a challenge. You don’t have to spend large amounts or need a huge room to make a cozy dining spot for your family. If you plan and analyze your house properly you can easily make a small dining spot.

I hope these small dining room ideas prove to be of some help to you. Just remember to make it cozy and finally add some nice decorative touch to it.

So, starting to plan your dining corner? Which idea suits you the most? Mention it in the comment below.

Small Dining Room Ideas