Wonderful Small Bathroom Tile Ideas to Use

small bathroom tiles idea

Homeowners need to master the art of choosing the right tile. Mostly, people choose tiles based on color, pattern, and texture. They are flattered by only the aesthetic features and tend to overlook tile’s basic functionality.

However, it’s just not about the aesthetics alone. Certain types of tiles can’t be applied to all spaces. You need to have a ‘horses for courses’ approach.

For instance, glossy tile for kitchens is a recipe for disaster. You need to follow a set of guidelines while choosing tiles for various areas of the home. In this post, we will discuss tiles for bathroom, specifically of smaller size.

Small Bathroom Tile Ideas in General

When it comes to the flooring, resistance to water and stains should be your top priority. This way, you are saving yourself from the extra workload and possible replacement charges. Additionally, you have a logical requirement for floor tiles to be skid free. Even a small splash of water can cause a major fall.

Ceramic tiles are highly recommended for the bathroom, particularly in the 4-6% water absorption level range. Additionally, you can also opt for porcelain vitrified tiles or glazed vitrified tiles with matt finish.

When it comes to walls you can go for glossy tiles. Alternatively, you can also use matt tiles with a glazed finish. Such tiles allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, alert homeowners go for germ-free tiles these days. They resist bacterial growth, thereby enhancing sanitation.

Now, let’s narrow our focus to the titular content…

Choosing Tiles for your Small Bathroom

You need to consider three factors before selecting tiles for your small bathroom – color scheme, tile size, and tile layout.


Always go with neutral colors for smaller bathrooms. Such colors help make the room appear bigger since they reflect more light. By neutral, we mean light colors such as white, cream and light grey. These tiles let your sight flow across the room. The same color scheme can be used on the walls too. Additionally, you can make use of glossy, metallic tiles to reflect more light, which in turn makes the limited space look bigger.


Indeed, smaller bathrooms can benefit from using larger tiles. It lessens the grout lines and makes the area less cluttered. Hence, the room gets visually expanded. Using smaller tiles does give the feeling of being boxed in, especially when used in walls. Nevertheless, you can always mix it up when you find it hard to overlook the smaller mosaic you have fallen for.


To make your small bathroom look bigger, make use of diagonal layout pattern. By laying your tiles diagonally, you can trick the eye into seeing the space bigger than it actually is. The science behind it is squared tiles are fairly easy to count. When dealing with diagonally arranged tiles, the eyes catch the longest dimension of the room.  Hence, the brain gets a lot confused with the counting game.

Use rectangular tiles for the walls. Maintaining a ratio of 1:2 in regards to tile dimensions is ideal. In order to show the room taller, place the rectangular tiles vertically. Similarly, to show the room wider, lay the same tiles horizontally. Using rectangular tiles to make the room look longer is a commonly followed practice.

Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bright and ambient tiling

Diagonal tile pattern in the floor

Small bathroom tile ideas

Rectangular tiles on walls – vertical

Small bathroom tile ideas

Rectangular tiles on walls – horizontal

How to measure the tiling area?

The most standard bathroom size is 7×4 feet. Consider we are dealing with a similar area. Here, the floor alone comes to 28 square feet. If the walls are 8 feet tall, one pair of walls have tiling areas of 56 (7*8) square feet each. The other pair of walls has an area of 32 feet each. However, this isn’t exactly the tiling area. You need to make deductions for door and window again. The total tiling area roughly comes to 178 square feet. The wall covering area comes to about 150 square feet and the flooring area is 28 square feet.

Things you need to know before you start…

  • Tiles are the primary theme in your bathroom. Try building the harmony along with the fittings.
  • Your commitment to budget shouldn’t in any way, let quality be compromised. Considering that the labor charges remains the same, go for higher priced, better quality tiles.
  • Invest in an extra set of tiles when installing them. It will come handy during chipping, stains, cuts, and breakages in the future.
  • Ensure consistency in standards by checking the manufacturing date in every box. Similarly, check consistency with a batch number to avoid shade variation.
  • Always hire professional help while installing tiles on the floor. Investing in quality tiles gets you nowhere when installing in the wrong fashion. It rather looks dull and unattractive.

I hope, you found this article ‘Small Bathroom Tile Ideas’ helpful and now you can finally decide what tile to use. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family.

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