10 Stylish Small Balcony Ideas For Your Apartment

small balcony ideas

Small balconies are really common for people living in apartments. There are some, who don’t even have a balcony. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony, then make the most of it and design it perfectly to make your own comfy spot. No matter how tiny your balcony is, there are so many creative small balcony ideas which you can use to make your balcony super cool and cozy.

Even the small balconies can be turned into a beautiful, romantic or a multifunctional space. It is up to you, how you would like to style your balcony. It is your own private outdoor space, bring out your creativity.

Check out these 10 small balcony ideas that we have collected for your inspiration.

10 Cool Small Balcony Ideas

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1. Cozy Green Corner

Cozy Green Corner
Credits: craftifair.com

People living in apartments, don’t get enough space for gardening. But if you have a small balcony use it to fulfill your dream of growing plants. Decorate your balcony with greens on all sides. Put an Acapulco chair on the balcony with a cushion and a small table to keep your books, coffee, and other stuff. Decorate the balcony with your favorite plants, use both flowering and non-flowering plants and enjoy a cozy garden balcony.

2. The Reading Spot

The reading spot
Credits: shelterness.com

Who won’t like to have a quiet and comfortable reading spot and what is better than enjoying the book along with nature? This small balcony idea shows how you can create a space for you to enjoy a book. Install a floating shelf on one side of the balcony wall to keep all your book. Put a cozy chair and a soft rug on the balcony for your bare feet. Use window drapes to protect yourself from the sun.

If you are looking for some personal development books, here are some great suggestions.

 3. Outdoor Family Sitting

Outdoor Family Sitting small balcony ideas
Credits: amazinginteriordesign.com

So, instead of putting only a chair or two you can build an L-shaped bench in the balcony for your entire family to sit. This built-in sitting area can be combined with a nice table in the center. Use floating shelves on the walls to keep plants or lights. If space permits u keep few flower pots and extra chairs to sit.

4. Morning Coffee Place

Morning Coffee Place
Credits: balconygardenweb.com

Morning coffee is the most important thing of the day for me. Enjoy the coffee in your balcony with cool breeze and view. Put two armless chairs(because they save space) and a small table out in the balcony to enjoy your coffee and breakfast. Use a pot holder stand to keep your potted plants. The color of the table and chairs can be of the same color and something that will go with the balcony.

5. Romantic Outdoor

romantic outdoor
Credits: digsdigs.com

One cannot afford to go out to romantic places daily. Your balcony can also be a great romantic spot if you decorate it properly. Put a small couch on the balcony. Add some throw pillows and soft blanket. Install small lights around the balcony. You can also put a small table to keep a candle and make the outdoor more romantic.

6. Hammock or Hanging Chair

Hanging Chair small balcony ideas
Credits: architecturaldigest.com

A balcony with a hanging chair or a hammock looks perfect. Add a soft throw pillow and rug to make the chair more comfortable.  To keep a common theme for the balcony you can make use of handmade furniture. Add in some plants and lights to complete this balcony design. There you have a perfect spot for a vacation in your balcony.

7. Home Office

Home Office
Credits: lushome.com

Turn your balcony into a room. Install windows and drapes to add privacy and cover to the room. You can create extra space in the house using your balcony.  This room can be your home office with a view. Use some floating shelves and cabinets to store your office accessories and stuff. Use a built-in table in L shape for your desk and cubbies to keep your paperwork.

8. Use Bold Furniture

Bold Furnitures small balcony ideas
Credits: balconygardenweb.com

You don’t always have to choose neutral colors for the furniture. Try using bold colors like orange, blue, etc for the sofas or cushions. A green plain mat or turf rug on the balcony to make it feel like a garden. Cover the railings of the balcony with green plants or use window planters to grow flowering plants. Add a small table in the corner to put your coffee mug.

9. Breakfast Nook

Breakfast Nook
Credits: shelterness.com

Some balconies are really small. And fitting a comfortable sitting along with a big table is not possible. Use a foldable table which can be attached to the balcony wall. So, when you come out for breakfast with your family, simply set the table and enjoy. Use a cabinet that is more in height and less in width to keep some plants, books, or other essential stuff.

10. Make it Classy

Make it classy small balcony ideas
Credits: paradiserestored.com

Make your balcony classy by using water hyacinth furniture. Small stools and a table will make a perfect combination for a romantic date. This will give your balcony a sophisticated and rustic look. You can even put a small umbrella to avoid sunlight. Lights or candles both can be used to make your balcony more romantic.

Some Important Tips:

If you want to try something of your own, feel free to bring out your creativity. Here are certain points for small balcony ideas which will help you design a perfect cozy balcony and make the most of the small space available.

1. Use double duty furniture or foldable furniture. This will help you save a lot of space.

2. Go verticle if you don’t have much floor space.

3. Bring in greenery and flowering plants.

4. Add an outdoor rug. It can be patterned or made of turf.

5. Use lights to make your balcony lively and try to use the wall space as much as possible.

6. Install built-in sitting and add many throw pillows.

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