Shoe Storage Ideas

15 Stylish Shoe Storage Ideas for You in 2019


Shoe Storage ideas

We manage to have a proper storage system for our clothes and accessories. But what about the shoes? It is one of the hardest things to store. And when you have hundreds of pairs of shoes it is really difficult to store them and not make the room look messy. If you have purchased an expensive pair of shoes, you don’t want it to get damaged due to improper shoe storage. It’s time to organize and show off your shoe collection with some clever shoe storage ideas.

Have you got too many shoes and always miss out on a pair? Worry no more. If you are the lucky one who has a walk-in closet then you might have a dedicated space for your shoes. But if you don’t then this post is for you.

From a simple stackable shoe rack to storage boxes, we have everything covered for you. This way you can find any pair you need easily without messing anything. I have collected some amazing shoe storage ideas for you that will keep your apartment clean and tidy.

15 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas

Are you ready?

1. Shoe Rack

Stackable shoe rack

This is one of the most common ways to store your shoes. The stackable shoe racks give you a nice space to keep your shoes and you can easily spot your pair.

The best part about the rack is that you can stack it on top of another rack. So, as the number of your shoe increases, you can add a new rack on top of your old. The only issue is that the rack provides with the same height throughout. So, if you have variable length shoes then it can be difficult to store them.

2. Floating Shelves Storage

Floating Shoe Shelves

Another simple solution in the list of shoe storage ideas is to install floating shelves. This is a good option if you want a variation in height for your shoes. Install these shelves in the hallway or in your room. If you use rails to make the shelf, you can even some of your shoes using the hooks. You can even group the shoes according to the style or color to make it look more organized.

3. Shoe Storage Ottoman

Shoe storage ottoman

If you want your shoes to be organized, but even keep it out of sight then here is the perfect solution. Use an ottoman to store your shoes neatly. It is space saving and you can change the location of the ottoman easily. Once you keep your shoes inside, close the lid and there you have a comfortable bench to sit. You can even keep this ottoman near the door so that you can easily take out the shoes from it and sit on the bench to wear the shoes.

4. Hanging Shoe Organizer

Hanging Shoe Organizers

Hanging shoe organizer is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to store the shoes. You can hang this on the closet door or on a railing on the wall. But this is only useful if you have small shoes, for larger shoes you will have to look for another storage location. This organizer helps you store many shoes in a small space. Another variant of this shoe organizer is the transparent version. But here you will have to store each shoe from a pair in different pockets. This shoe organizer can be hung behind the closet door.

5. Shoe Storage Cubby

Shoe Storage Cubby

Shoe Storage Cubby is a great way to store and show off your shoes. It can act as a decor to your room. This cubby storage can be used to store multiple things like handbags, clutches, etc. You can prepare your own cubby storage system or buy one from the Amazon. It allows you to change the shape of the cubes according to your need. If you have an ample amount of space in your room then this is one of the best options.

6. Transparent Boxes

Shoe storage boxes

Want to store your shoes safely and away from dust, this shoe storage idea is absolutely amazing. But you will have to buy transparent boxes for each of your shoes. So, if you own too many shoes that means you will have to buy that many boxes. Transparent boxes allow you to see your shoes without opening it. You can stack these boxes on each other in the closet or any cabinet.

7. Ladder Shoe Shelf

Ladder Shoe Shelf

Here is another creative to display your shoes is on a ladder. This ladder shoe shelf will be an amazing decor to your room or house. Though it won’t be space efficient, it will definitely make your guest awestruck. If you put this pyramid in your room, you can easily combine some other accessories with shoes to store on it. The best part is, you can make your own ladder shoe shelf instead of buying one.

8. Lazy Susan Shoe Storage

Lazy Susan Shoe Storage

Another sophisticated option in shoe storage idea is using a lazy susan. Now just roll the rack and grab your shoe. Just like some above-mentioned ideas, you can store other accessories on the lazy susan as well. Put the shoes according to their sizes. Keep the larger shoes on the tier with maximum height or on the top and other small shoes on other tiers. It will help you display your shoes and store them neatly.

9. Shoe Storage Cabinet or Bench

Shoe Storage Bench

You can even use a shoe storage cabinet or a shoe storage bench to store all your shoes neatly and safely at one place. The cabinet will provide you with 2-tier drawers or 3-tier drawers, where you can put all your shoes. Whereas, the bench will provide you with a single cabinet and a place to sit. Both cabinet and bench can be placed anywhere you like in the house and you can change the location anytime you want.

10. Wooden Crates

Wooden Crates

Woden Crates can be used in amazing ways. Make your own DIY wooden crates shelf by partitioning some the crates into two while keeping some as it is for larger shoes. You can even stack a few crates near the wall to store the shoes and use the top of the crates to keep other showpieces, potted plants or shoes. The crates can be designed in any shape and pattern. They can be beautiful decor for your entryway.

11. Underbed Cart

Underbed rolling cart

Use the space under your bed efficiently to store your shoes. Make use of under bed rolling cart to keep the shoes. Just roll the cart out when you need to take out a pair and then push the cart back in. This cart will keep your shoes out of sight and easily accessible at the same time.

12. Shoe Rack Closet

Shoe Rack Closet

Though shoe racks are the simple and cheapest solution, many prefer to hide their shoes which is not possible in open shoe rack. Also, the size between the racks is the same throughout. So here is a beautiful solution to it. With this shoe rack closet, you will be able to store all kinds of shoes. It is cheap and easy to assemble and even give a closet look to your rack.

13. Wall Mounted Shoe Holder

Wall mounted shoe holder

When you have no floor space but there is an abundance of wall space or space on the sides of the closet, use wall-mounted shoe holder to store all your shoes like slippers, sneakers, sandals, high heels, and other small size shoes. But be careful while storing them as they can leave marks of dirt on your walls.

14. Wooden Boot Stand

Wooden Boot Stand

Big fan of boots? But no space to store them? I can understand your problem. Most of the shoe storage racks and closets are made for small size shoes and not boots. But this does not mean that you will have to throw your boots in one corner. This wooden boot stand will store your ankle length boots and knee-high boots and keep your floor clean.

15. Make your own Cabinet

Shoe Closet

You can make your own cabinet according to your need and put it in your room. Make small cubbies to store your shoes, sandals, high heels, slippers, sneakers, etc. Make some cubbies with different height variation to store your ankle length and knee-high boots. You can even make a small drawer at the bottom to store all your socks and stocking.

So, with so many shoe storage options available you can easily avoid the clutter and mess caused by the shoes. Based on your shoe collection and the available space choose the best option from these shoe storage ideas.

15 Shoe Storage ideas