10+ Popular Modern Home Decor Ideas

Modern Home Decor

Your house defines your personality. You put your heart and soul into designing it. The size of the house doesn’t really matter much when you bring your creativity out. You must pay attention to the details and features of your house. Remember, you must make it both comfortable and stylish, where you and your family would enjoy.

In this post, we will break down modern home decor ideas across various aspects. Firstly, we will discuss a few pointers relating to various components of any house Secondly we will discuss the home decor items that are still relevant in 2019. Thirdly, we will discuss the top home decor trends in 2019.

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Various Regions of a Home

Let’s get started.

1. FloorsModern Home Decor Ideas for Tiles

Floors play a major role in the entire décor. It is the most unsung feature in interior designing. It helps extend your rooms visually. Moreover, they set the tone of interiors in any home.

Modern home décor involves refreshing ideas such as concrete floors. Generally, anything that gives you depth and movement is a nice floor. Above all, it needs to add quality to a given space.

Flooring is a vast area. Flooring ideas vary from room to room. You want light or glossy tiles for smaller rooms. People usually prefer larger tiles unless design demands otherwise.

2. Furniture

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Furnitures

Woodworks are so important in modern day décor. Ironically, investing in old school wood is actually considered modern. Quality wood such as white Oak is commonly preferred.

Alternatively, you can consider including wood, that’s native to your region. It helps elevate the level of warmth and gives a local feel. Wood naturally fits into the concrete scheme of décor.

3. Kitchen

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Kitchen

Less is more when it comes to the kitchen. Keep it as simple as possible. The kitchen usually works great with reduction of materials. There are some efficient yet space-saving appliances available in the market.

Deploy smart ways to make room for storage, while avoiding too many clutters. No amount of storage can be excessive. Of all the rooms, the kitchen can make use of all the storage you can provide.

4. Dining rooms

Modern Home Decor Ideas for Dining Room

Dining rooms are an integral part of the kitchen. Open it up for more space. Having no wall to separate it from the kitchen is preferred. Who doesn’t want their food served as it’s prepared?

We have discussed some of the essential parts of any home in the above section. Let’s move on to the elements and styles of modern home décor, and pointers on using it aptly.

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Popular Modern Home Decor Items

1. Sofas

Modern Home Decor Ideas Sofa

Curved finishing highlighted by sofas translates to a modern outlook. Curved finishes give sofas, a fluid, and organic essence. It complements the trends that embrace the natural flow. The same logic extends to armchairs and chairs as well. Along with curved finishing, use bold colors and shapes. Colors such as pink, coral, and blue help make such a bold statement.

2. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants

Natural is always in style, even in 2019. The foremost way to get there is via indoor plants. Greenery always trends! Feel free to place plants everywhere. If you feel potted plants are bigger, use succulents or smaller gardening containers.

Besides plants, you can also incorporate jute rugs, granite, stone, storage baskets, and woven wall-hangings to set the natural tone in home interiors.

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3. Fireplaces


If you live in colder regions, concentrate on the fireplace. You can either go with modern or traditional ones here. It’s solely your decision after understanding the costs, ease of use, maintenance, etc…

Fireplaces add subtle materiality to space. It’s like having a gigantic piece of art. Nevertheless, Fireplace isn’t an absolute necessity. Also, it doesn’t make any sense to have one in tropical regions.

Modern Home Decor Trends 2019

Here are some modern home decor ideas that are in trend.

1. Japandi

Credits: property24.com

Japandi is the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. It’s warm, cozy and brings the best of both worlds. The house gets the modern rustic vibe from the west and traditional elegance from the east. Use natural wood furniture of both styles and greenery to achieve the desired effect.

2. Concrete accent

Concrete accent
Credits: gdfstudio.com

Concrete accent extensively uses contemporary material. It presents a unique brand of imperfect beauty. It brings more character and texture in any given space. We recommend using concrete as an accent rather entire style. You can use geometric concrete tiles, flower pots, tables and lambs for this purpose.

3. Geometrics

Incorporating geographical patterns in architectural structure is nothing new. They always become the dramatic essence in any setting. A chic and easy way to do it is by adding geometric tiles, carpets, and wallpapers.

3. Black Matte

black matte
Credits: archerssleepcentre.co.uk

Nothing is more happening than black. You have to be comfortable with the color. If you chose to go with the black matte theme for interiors, get as much natural lighting as you can. You can incorporate such a theme with suitable furniture, dining table chairs, pendant lights, etc.

4. Warm Neutrals

warm neutrals

The perfect neutral theme is back and trending. Beige is considered the perfect neutral color that offers optimal warmth. It is as warm as it is soft. You can combine it with dark beige, brown, blue and living coral.

You can also refer to our Living Room Paint Ideas for more.

5. Living Coral

living coral

Living coral translates to peachy orange or Pantone. You can have it on your sofa sets, doors, rug, ottoman and other furniture. It fits pleasingly in darker as well as neutral backgrounds.

6. Golden details


Let’s wake up to the interior concepts. Gold is definitely still in trend. Use it in lamps, flower vases, cabinets, hardware, and fixtures. As a rule of thumb, use gold in isolated objects.

Further tips to Enhance Your House

Here are some cool tips.

Keep it simple

Keeping it subtle and not so visible is the mantra to home décor.  People shouldn’t be able to see too many elements that you have added. They are supposed to just feel the effects rather than identifying every single object.

Keep it minimalistic

Some smart ways to disappear too many elements are always there. Your garage doors can go to the ceiling. The tracks can be hidden quite effectively. The overall result has to look very minimal yet elegant. You shouldn’t ideally see a lot of elements that make it work.

Finding the right contractor

You need a reputed contractor who can help achieve what you desire with your home. The crew needs to have strong skills and craftsmanship. Such crew alone can bring the project to levels of excellence.

The amount of precision it takes to do details is very much part of the project. You need good hands to undertake the project from start to finish. With a good contractor, every project is a true joy to work on.

Modern Home Decor Ideas