10 Laundry Room Organization Ideas

10 Best Laundry Room Organization Ideas for 2019


10 Laundry room organization ideas

Don’t let your clothes pile up in your room. Collecting laundry clothes from each room would be such a pain. Sometime, we may even forget to put a dress for washing and remember just in time you would like to wear it again. So, it better to have a fixed spot where everyone can come and put their clothes for laundry. And what’s better than an organized laundry room? Nowadays, most of us have a laundry room which is usually messy. So, I guess even you need some laundry room organization ideas.

If you have a spacious laundry room, you are lucky but if you are like me then these laundry room organization ideas will help you create space for everything you need. I have collected a few ideas which helped me organize my laundry room. These laundry room storage hacks are helpful to both large and tiny laundry room.

But before getting into the ideas here are a few things that you must do.

  • Declutter the space. Remove everything out and start sorting things you don’t need.
  • Throw out all the trash and the things you don’t require. It makes no sense to pile up unnecessary stuff.
  • Clean out the room completely.
  • Sort the things you have into categories.
  • List out everything you want to include in your room.

10 Clever Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Let’s begin.

1. Sorter Cart

Sorter Cart

This 3-piece laundry hamper bag will make your laundry easy and quick. Instead of sorting the clothes while washing you can do it as you collect them. There is a system in my home that everyone has to come and put their own clothes for washing in the laundry room. So, it becomes easy for me when everyone sorts out their clothes.

This sorter cart allows you to sort the clothes into whites, colors, and dark respectively. The cart can be placed near the washer or any corner. This is so much better than a normal basket or bucket you use.

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2. Wall Control


Laundry room just does not have a washer/dryer and some detergents. There are many things we keep in our laundry room like the iron board, iron, hangers, and other cleaning stuff. But putting everything on the floor will make the room messy. Also, if you have a small laundry room it is impossible to fit everything on the ground.

Use wall control: pegboard to make the most of the vertical space available. You can install various hooks and rods to hang all your laundry room essentials. The pegboard will make the room look more organized and it will be easier for you to grab whatever is needed.

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3. Hanging Station

Hanging station
Credits: womansday.com

Install a hanging space in your laundry room for a few of your clothes to dry. Even the ironed clothes can be hung here to avoid the wrinkles. It can also be used to dry all the delicate clothing items and rows of shirts and t-shirts.

The unused space of the wall can be used to install tension rods and put some hangers on it. Use matching hangers to give a more sophisticated look. You can even use the ceiling to hang a ladder-like drying rack instead of tension rods. A hanging station can be built even above the washing machines.

4. Drying Rack

drying rack

This drying rack is foldable and takes up very little space. You can fold it and slide it in between the wall and the washer. If you wish to dry your clothes or just hang them after ironing you need a drying rack in your laundry room. Sometimes we prefer hand-washing delicate items. With this foldable drying rack, you can easily hang your items to dry.

You can even use a hanging dry rack if you don’t have enough floor space. This drying rack can be hung from the ceiling. It has a ladder-like look and the planks are connected using chain. Simply hang your clothes, you can fold them once they are dry.

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5. Laundry Supplies Cart

Laundry Supplies Storage

Use even the tiniest space available in the laundry room. Laundry supplies can create a mess easily if kept here and there. The detergent powder may fall off or the bleach may spill anywhere. So, keep them together close to your washing machine.

Use a slim roller cart to keep detergents, starch, bleach, and all other cleaning supplies. This rolling cart can easily be fit into space between the wall and the machines or even between washer and dryer. You can even make your own rolling cart if you don’t want to buy one.

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6. Shelving

Credits: marthastewart.com

Unused wall space and corners must be put to good use. Install shelves where ever possible. Shelves are a great spot to keep all your cleaning supplies and all other laundry products used to clean and care for your clothes. You can even use these shelves to keep all the clean and fresh towels or bedsheets.

Products used for shoe care, stitching, iron, stain removal, etc. can be put nicely on the shelf. Wired shelving can also be installed at selective spots to keep all the essentials and lighter items. If you have a small laundry room, use a hanging rack and put it behind the laundry door to keep all your cleaning supplies.

7. Storage Baskets

Storage Baskets
Credits: goodhousekeeping.com

Shelves can also get messy for some people. That is when the storage baskets come to rescue. Categories your laundry essentials and put them in different baskets. Lable the basket and put them on the shelf. Use woven or wicker baskets to add some style to your room. Even identical wired baskets can make your shelf look clean.

This way instead of messing everything while taking out an item, you just have to pick a basket and get what you need. It will help you keep your laundry room more organized. Keep your cleaning items in one basket, detergents in other, a basket for folded towels, paper towels, and so on.

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8. Make a Folding Station

Folding Station
Credits: vintagerevivals.com

If you have a front loader washer and dryer you can easily build a countertop above the washing machine. This countertop can be your folding station. Fold your clothes when you take them out of the dryer.

The counter space can also be used to keep jars and bottles of detergent. A small jar can also be used to put all the change and buttons you find in your pockets. If you don’t wish to make your own folding station, get a laundry sorter cart with a countertop. You can put the clothes in the bags and use the top to fold or iron clothes.

9. Ironing Board

Ironing board

You don’t want to take all the clothes in your room and then iron. Keep an ironing board in the laundry room itself. The ironing board can be hung on one of the hooks of the pegboard or keep in between the washer and dryer. If you have a big laundry room then you can have a fix ironing stand to keep the iron board.

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10. Some Basic Things

Hang a laundry sorting and temperature guide on a wall. Just in case your kids or husband wish to wash their clothes. Use a laundry guard to keep your clothes safe and protect them from falling down or behind the washer. If you don’t want to keep detergent in a box or if the container is bulky, use transparent jars to store them. These jars can also be used to keep the pins, buttons, etc. Keep a trash can or lint box nearby.

I hope these laundry room organization ideas help you get your laundry room in shape. Thus, doing laundry will never be your least favorite chore anymore.

Laundry room organization ideas