10 Kitchen Organization Ideas for a Clean and Organized Kitchen

10 Kitchen Organization Ideas

I am not a huge fan of cooking. And that is the reason I just want to get over with it as soon as I can. But then in a messy and unorganized kitchen, I have to spend extra hours to search for things before cooking.

That is why one day I decided to just get a permanent solution to this problem. And I spent my whole weekend de-cluttering my kitchen and getting things in place. Organizing kitchen showed me amazing results. It cut the time I spent in the kitchen and made it look so clean and beautiful.

I know many of you find my situation familiar to yours. And you might be wondering ‘ How do I organize my kitchen?’. But don’t worry I have done the research for you. Here are some of the Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas.

But why organize? A clean and organized kitchen makes cooking and prepping so much fun and easy. You can easily find things you need, thus creating less mess. An organized kitchen is also easier to clean.

10 Smart and Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas

1. Shelves

Floating Shelves

Shelves are a great way to increase the storage space. You can install floating shelves or corner shelves in any nooks and empty walls of the kitchen. Make the most of the shelf by dividing one shelf into two to make enough space for your dishware or pantry stuff.

If you have one huge shelf then add small tiers to it and use to store a small bottle of sauces, spices. This way it becomes easy to view and access the bottles. You can also add shelves near the microwave or stove for the utensils that you will be using frequently.

2. Hanging


Everything need not be in the drawers. The space below the floating shelves can be of great use. Install hooks under the shelves to hang the cups and spoons. You can even put on a magnetic strip to stick the knives to it.

If you have an empty wall, make the most of it by adding a pegboard to it. Hang a pegboard and add a few hooks to it. You can now hang the cutting boards, pans, and spoons here. This can provide you with a nice versatile hanging storage.

3. Baskets

Credits: Toni Hammersley

Baskets can do wonders in the kitchen. They keep your kitchen organized and also provide with convenient storage space. You can use see-through plastic baskets, rattan baskets, or wire baskets to store items in the shelf. For the countertop use a shallow basket to store spices, oils, and towels. They help keep the kitchen uncluttered.

They can easily be pulled out from the shelf and you won’t have to dig in to search for things. You can even store the ingredients in categories to make it more accessible and you don’t have to spend time opening every basket or drawers.

4. Drawer and Shelf Organizers

Drawer Organizers

Use drawer organizers to keep your drawers from turning into a mess. If you just throw everything in the drawers then finding things at the right time will be difficult and time-consuming. For this use drawer organizers to divide your kitchen tools like spoons, forks, knives, lids, and other kitchen tools.

Use shelf organizers to store your cookware pans, cutting boards, dishes, etc. They will keep the cookware separate from each other and you won’t have to take everything out to get something that you need.

5. See Through Storage

Transparent Storage

See-through storage helps you see what is inside it without opening it. This can save your time and efforts. Use a wired basket or transparent jars for things that you will be using every day.

If you want to use identical storage, transparent jars and baskets can even save you from the effort of putting labels on every jar. If you don’t want to use labels then with transparent storage you won’t have to go around opening everything before finding the required item.

6. Group Similar Items

Group Similar objects
Credits: Getty Images/ ka2shka

Grouping similar items will make your kitchen look more organized. You won’t have to hunt for things in all the corner. Grouping can be done for utensils ass well as for pantry.

You can store dishes, bowls, and glasses close to each other. You can even store items by its use. Group food items according to the category, like store all the spices in one place or all the breakfast cereals in one basket or all kinds of pasta on one shelf.

7. Pantry Organization

Kitchen Organization Ideas
Credits: Alison Gootee

Lazy Susan increases the storage space of the shelf. Use it in the corners of the shelf or cabinet to make things accessible. Just spin it to find the things you need. This way any food item will not be lost in the corners of your shelf.

Use the door of your pantry to hang spoons, tea bags, food packets, etc. You can even hang a shoe holder behind the door to store tools and packed items. Hanging racks are of great use when you have plenty of space between the door and the pantry shelves. Use this rack to store bottles, sprays, spices, etc.

8. Cleaning Stuff

Credits: midwestliving.com

The space under the sink or the fake drawer below the sink can be a storage space for all the cleaning stuff. Convert a false drawer into a storage space to keep the soap, sponges and other cleaning essentials.

If you don’t have a drawer or cabinet, then you can install a floating shelf in front of the sink, to keep these items. The space below the sink to keep the trash, mops, and cleaning tools.

9. Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Kitchen Organization Ideas
Credits: mom4real.com

Choose a hollow island for your kitchen. You can store some of the daily needed items there so are easily accessible. If you want you can also keep some cookbooks and kitchen tools.

You can even add a hanging shelf to the side of the island to make space for spoons, spices, utensils, mittens, and towels. The kitchen Island can also be a small dining space if you don’t have a separate dining room.

10. Everything Accessible

Credits: midwestliving.com

If you keep something out of your reach, there are chances that you may forget about them and they will be lost in that space forever. Therefore it is important to keep everything accessible in the kitchen.

If you keep things within arms reach then you won’t have to go around the kitchen every time you cook. Keep pots and pans near the stove, soap or sponge near the sink, daily used utensils in the lower shelf, and so on.

Tips to Make your Kitchen More Beautiful and Organized

  • Use color code for kitchen utensils. They can act as artwork and make your kitchen look beautiful and sophisticated.
  • Display your fancy dishes and pretty collectibles in the kitchen shelf.
  • Display antiques, china bowls, cups in glass cabinets.
  • Keep your pantry clutter-free. Store the old products in front for you to use it before the new ones.
  • Use an ample amount of light to give your kitchen a glam look.

Kitchen Organization Ideas