12 Kids Lunch Box Ideas That They Will Actually Eat

kids lunch box

Ever thought that preparing a lunch box for kids can be so difficult? Lunch must be something fun and interesting that your kids like or the lunch box may come back home as it is. You don’t want that right?

Kids can be so easily bored with the same old peanut butter sandwich, apple, and crackers. Pack their favorite recipes or a variety of food every day. This way, you will enjoy cooking and preparing their lunch box and your kids will have a great and healthy lunchtime.

Remember to not put something they don’t like in their lunch boxes. Also, include one main dish as they have to feel full and energetic throughout the day. To make their lunch healthier, put some fruits and veggies in their lunch box. Don’t forget to add something sweet to their lunch boxes, it will make them happy and make their meal complete. You can also put some tortilla chips, pretzels, crackers, etc. as sides.

Looking for the best lunch box for your kids? Here is my favorite one.

Keep scrolling for some amazing kids lunch box ideas.

12 Healthy Kids Lunch Box Ideas

Let’s start with some fun lunch box ideas to make in a flash.

1. Baked Corn Tortillas Cheese Dogs

Baked corn tortillas cheese dog

Kids usually love the hot dog. Make it more interesting by wrapping it around with baked corn tortillas and adding some melted cheese. Put this baked corn tortillas cheese dog on the stick and pack it with a dipping sauce. They are crunchy to eat and amazing to taste.

Recipe by: simplygloria.com

2. Turkey Ranch Wraps

Turkey Ranch Wraps

It is simple to make and great to taste. They are a great change from regular sandwiches. You can do a lot of variation with this wraps according to your kid’s likes and tastes. On a busy day, or when you are late you can make these Turkey ranch wraps in no time.

Recipe by: tasteofhome.com

3. Freezer Pizza Bites

freezer pizza bites

Sometimes, you really don’t feel like getting up and preparing lunch from scratch. And it’s completely normal. This is when Freezer Pizza Bites comes into the picture. Make a batch of these pizza bites on the weekend and when needed just throw them in the microwave in the morning to get them ready.

Recipe by: superhealthykids.com

4. Taco Salad

taco salad

Make your kid’s lunch more healthy with this taco salad meal. It can even be a healthy meal for you and your husband. Add peanut butter mousse with pomegranate to make your lunch more delicious

Recipe by: sugarfreemom.com

5. Kabobs

Kabobs kids lunch box ideas

Try making this turkey kabobs for your kid’s lunch box. Kids will normally eat anything from the stick, even veggies! Kabobs are very easy to make and you can do all sort of experiments in this dish. If your kid does not like turkey, use roasted beef or chicken.

Recipe by: itisakeeper.com

6. Mac and Cheese Cups

Mac and cheese cups

Who doesn’t love Mac and Cheese? Give classic Mac and Cheese a twist with this recipe. Your kid will definitely enjoy this as their lunch. Making these cups are not at all difficult. Also, they are so yummy that you will want to make them for your lunch too.

Recipe by: tablespoon.com

7. Ham ā€˜nā€™ Cheese Strips


Same old sandwich for lunch? No! Your kids will easily get bored with it. Turn your sandwich into fancy strips. Make a normal sandwich, toast it and cut them into strips. They are easy to eat and looks fun at the same time. Try these Ham ‘n’ Cheese Strips, your kids will definitely love them.

Recipe by: tasteofhome.com

8. Biscuit Pizza

Biscuit Pizza

Let’s combine biscuit and pizza and make a Biscuit Pizza for lunch. Confused? Haha, it not that difficult. You just have to make a pizza on your biscuit. Add cheese, pizza sauce, and pepperonis on the biscuit and you have your pizza ready. Complete the lunch box with some pineapple and watermelon pieces and wafers.

Recipe by: eatingonadime.com

9. Bento Box Fondue

Bento box fondue kids lunch box ideas

Fondues are my favorite. Also, they are a great way to make your kid eat fruits and veggies. Bring your Bento box into full use and make your kid’s lunch fun and interesting. Nicely arrange the veggies and fruits for your kids and put a tasty dip at one side.

Recipe by: produceforkids.com

10. Taco Tortilla Cups

Want something vegetarian for your lunch? These taco tortilla cups are so mouthwatering. Turn the tortillas into cute cups and put some veggies, cheese, and taco seasoning in it. Finally, drizzle it with your favorite dressing and you are good to go. Enjoy the different flavors in it.

Recipe by: lemonsforlulu.com

11. Hummus and Veggie Wrap

Veggie Warp kids lunch box ideas

Here is another yummy vegetarian recipe for your kid’s lunch box. Try this Hummus and Veggie Wrap, your kids will surely love it. Add all the veggies and sprouts that your kids love. This kids lunch box idea is super healthy and will keep your kids full.

Recipe by: tasteofhome.com

12. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Sushi Rolls

Peanut butter and jelly roll

So basically, make a sandwich look like anything but a sandwich. In this recipe, normal peanut butter and jelly sandwich is turned into a sushi roll. It is a fun recipe and you can make this in no time. Add some chips, biscuits and watermelon pieces in the lunch box.

Recipe by: eatingonadime.com

Now, that you have so many kid’s lunch box ideas, the lunchtime for your kids will no longer be boring.Ā  Also, share this recipe with your friends and other parents who find it beneficial.

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