Home office organization ideas

11 Home Office Organization Ideas – How to Organize Your Office in 2019


Home office organization ideas

Home office sounds great till you see the actual mess it causes. With all sorts of papers, files, wires and stationary it is one of the rooms which can get messy in no time. It is really hard to work and feel energetic when the home office is a disaster. Who would like to have all files and heaps of papers lying around?

A clean and organized office desk can help you be more productive. You will feel better and less stressed when the desk you work on is clutter-free. Keeping your home office organized is easy if you make sure that everything has a designated space.

So, lets us start tidying up your home office in a way that is functional and stylish. I have listed down some of the best Home Office Organization Ideas to make your office look clean and chicer.

But if you are new to a home office and don’t know where to start, no worries I have it covered for you. Let us start by some Home Office Ideas and then move on to organization tips.

Starting Your Home Office

1. When you don’t have a particular room to set up an office, use the wall to the fullest. Install floating shelves to put everything you need in place. Set up your computer on the lower shelf and use the upper shelves to store your files papers and other accessories.

Home office shelves
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2. An unused corner of your house can be a great space for your office. If you don’t have much work and need a desk to do some small job then you can set up your desk near a window.

corner home office
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3. Another cool way to set up an office is by using the chair and table that can blend with the room color. Put on a pegboard on the wall to stick some important notes and necessary items handy.

Office pegboard
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4. If the budget is tight and you don’t want to purchase something new, then use multifunctional pieces in your home to make your home workstation.

Armario desk

5. If you are dedicating a whole room for your office, then use a consistent color scheme to make it look more sophisticated. Use baskets, storage boxes, organizers to keep everything in place. Neutral and pastel colors are the best choice for home office rooms.

Home office room
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11 Awesome Home Office Organization Ideas to Make Your Workspace look Beautiful

So, are you ready?

1. Paper and Files Purging

paper purging

Papers and files create the biggest mess. So, start by purging all the papers and files. Look at them and see if you still need them. If you don’t then throw it away. This will clear half the clutter you have in the office. While going through the papers, separate them in categories. This will help you in the future.

2. Using Containers


Instead of keeping everything open and throwing them anywhere, use containers to store the office items. Use plastic boxes, baskets, wooden or cardboard box to store all the stuff. This will keep your desk clutter free and give a clean welcoming look.

3. Categories

As I told you in the first point, to separate the papers and files into categories, similarly separate everything you have in your office in categories. Put all the stationaries like pens, markers, and pencils together. Stuff like scissors, glue, tape, stapler, punchers goes in one place. Notebooks, sticky notes at one place, and so on.

4. Label Everything

Labeling makes it easier to find. So, if you are using plastic containers, boxes or anything for storage, label them. This way you can easily grab only the box that you need and you won’t have to go around hunting for things.

5. Wires and Cords

Cords and wires

The wires and cords of electronic devices can be very messy, so label the ends of each cord to know what it belongs to. You can easily remove the cord that you want to without shutting something else. Wires lying all around the table will only make your desk look untidy. So, hide these wires neatly below the desk or inside of a drawer dedicated for the wires.

6. Maintain a Filing System

filing system

Use expanding file folder pockets to store important papers and receipts. You can even use them to store your monthly budget papers. In order to avoid misplacing some important papers, use paper clips or binder clips or stapler to put the papers together. Boxes can be used to store the paperwork.

Use color code for files. Use different color files for storing important papers like insurance, medical, financial. Personal papers of each member of the house can also be stored by using different color files. Put these files in a cabinet or drawer.

7. Tin Jars and Desk Organizers

Desk organizers

Paint and decorate the coffee and soup can and use it to store the stationary that you require daily. You can also store the visiting cards, coupons, tags, bookmarks in tin jars or transparent jars. You can put these jars on the desk or on the shelves.

With desk organizers, you can keep everything in its place and on your desk. This will help you stay away from the messy desk and you can keep the high-use items in these desk organizers.

8. Designate spaces

rolling cart

If you have a printer then assign a fixed space to it in the room. If you want to keep the desk free for other spaces then find a place for the printer. Put a rolling cart near your desk to keep the books, diary, notebooks, manuals, planners, etc that you use frequently.

Also, put a tray near the desk or at a place where it not forgotten for you to store the letters that you receive. Or you can use a small wired tray rack to separate the letters.

9. Drawer Organizers


drawer organizers

If you throw everything in the drawer, you will have to search for hours to find the thing you need. So, keep your drawer organized by using the drawer organizers. These can be used to store your office supplies and other stuff of your room (in case you don’t have a dedicated room for your office) that you need handy.

10. Some Useful Items

Place a calendar and a small clock near your desk. Mount a chalkboard or whiteboard in the room to keep a track of activities or ideas that you come across. Also, don’t forget to put a trash can near your desk, so instead of putting the waste on the desk simply throw it in the trash. You can even mount a pegboard near your desk to hang the essential stuff like notes, to-do list, pouches, etc.

11. Decorate Your Office

Don’t let your work-space be boring. Decorate your office by hanging some paintings and family photographs. You can even put a table lamp and a plant on your desk. Hang some of your DIY crafts around the room. Try to bring out your personality in the room.

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