10 Best Family Photo Poses and Ideas

Family Photo Poses

Having great family photo poses are a great way to capture the lovely moments that are spent with our loved ones. They remind us of the fantastic times we had and is a great way to keep a memento of the special occasion for future generations to see. Most of us enjoy displaying family portraits around the house and is a great conversation starter for visitors in your home. We like to put them in the living room, hang them on the walls, on the table inside a frame or even carry them on trips when traveling.

The family photo shoot should be an enjoyable moment for all the participants and should capture the momentous occasion. But, we all know how group photos can quickly turn into a tricky and stressful situation for everyone. These negative emotions will easily be reflected throughout the photographs. The best way to take a great photo is through patience, communication between family members and guidance from the photographer.

Before you begin the photoshoots, you should make a list of the family poses that would be good for the photo. This prepares you and others on how to set everyone up and what the gameplan is. Remember to allude to the age-old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”. With that said, here are some cool family photo poses to try for your next family photo.

10 Beautiful Family Photo Poses and Ideas

1. Classic Pose

This is one of the classic and most traditional family photo poses. All you have to do is just get dressed up, find an excellent beautiful location and you are ready to go. In this pose, the parents are holding their children and just standing close in a casual but comfortable way. This will be a great pose to start the photo session.

Classic pose

2. Kissing the Baby Pose

If you are posing with your kid, then this is a must take family photo pose. Here, you will hold your child in the middle and kiss the baby together. It may take many photos to capture the moment accurately if they don’t cooperate. But, this won’t be a problem as parents will happily be ready to kiss their baby, over and over again!

Kissing baby

3. Lifting the Baby

‘Lifting the baby’ is another classic family photo pose that involves your baby. This pose is more dangerous for the child if they are held improperly, so definitely take your time. To make them more comfortable, act natural with them and play around to get them in a happy mood. This timeless pose will capture the genuine moments of fun and love that your kid will cherish in the future.

Lifting the Baby

4. Sitting Together

For the family photographs that are taken indoors, the ‘sitting together’ pose is for you. First, get a beautiful wide chair and sit on the arms and the actual seat in a comfortable manner. Make sure that everyone is in the shot and the gaps between each family member are minimal. The reason for this is to signify the closeness that family represents and hence everyone is close (i.e. no gaps). Try to have the parents at the back and the children sitting on the lap or the side of the seat like the photo below.

Sitting Together

5. Walk on the Beach

For the beach lovers out there, this is an excellent addition to have in your family photo poses arsenal. In this pose, the parents have to hold their child’s hands and face away from the camera. It is better to face away from the photographer for that candid photo feel. Then, act natural and smile as if the camera is absent and be lost in the moment. This pose is excellent on the beach against the waves as well as a garden with leaves falling.

Walk on the beach

6. Fun Family Pose

This pose is excellent for large families coming together for the yearly photo. Acting goofy and having fun is the premise of this pose. Here, this helps convey the love, care and fun-loving nature of the family members in the photo. For many people, having large get-togethers comes once in a blue moon. So, it is of vital importance to captures these beautiful moments with the entire family when the opportunity presents itself.

Fun family pose

7. Color Theme

When the faces of each family member are the main focus of the photo, then this is a great pose. By lying down for the family photo, you are putting the faces and their expressions as the primary focus of the family portrait. This pose is greatly enhanced by dressing up in the same color. Here, everyone is dressed in one color and they are bunched up together. Luckily, this pose is transferable to almost any setting, as long as the environment is comfortable and clean.

Color Theme

8. Twinning

Twinning is a more modern and trending family photo idea. Usually, it involves the mother and daughter or father and son, getting dressed alike. It conveys the sense of familial ties a lot stronger than the rest and enhances the similarities been passed down! Engage with your kid and make them laugh to capture the beautiful moment.


9. Goofing Around

Goofing around is another trend seen across many family portraits. By playing around with your children in a goofy way livens up the photo. The secret to getting the best family photo is to enjoy every moment and acting as natural as possible. In this photo pose, you can see the bond between the father and son. Here, they are trying different funny poses. So, why don’t you give it a try with your kid?

Goofing Around

10. Behind Each Other

Instead of doing a traditional pose like standing beside each other, how about behind each other. This photo pose has the baby in the front, mother in the middle and father at the back. If you are a family of more than three, arrange the positions according to the heights of each family member. You can even do this pose by sitting behind each other and making a human train (biggest at the back and smallest at the front).

One behind other

Hope you enjoy your next photo session and please integrate these family photo poses for your next family photograph! Don’t forget to share this post with your family and remember to bookmark this website.

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