DIY projects to sell

10 Easy and Amazing DIY Projects to Sell in 2019


DIY projects to sell

Who doesn’t like to make money from home? What’s a better way than to sell real projects? People are more ready to pay for physical goods. Try looking for some creative ideas about DIY projects to sell and earn some extra cash.

Firstly, you need to know what products you can make from home. Secondly, you need to analyze how big of a market it has. Thirdly, you must know how to see your DIY projects, (online and offline).

We will cover you on all three bases with this lengthy post. Let’s discuss the DIY projects to sell first hand and proceed with ways of selling it.

Top 10 DIY Projects to Sell in 2019

Let’s begin.

1. Candles

This one is quite easy to make. Meltdown down few cheap candles. Mix in liquid crayon in the melted wax. Pour it in a teapot or teacup. Place a wick at the center and let it set.

Candles DIY project to sell

If you want to take it a notch higher, buy professional equipment through eBay or Amazon. Check out for specific candle making websites in your region. This way you can get better deals on shipping costs.

Tip: Unique scents and flavors make it easily marketable.

2. Embroidery

Along with crockery, these popups a lot in Insta and Pinterest. You need to invest in the frame, canvas, thread, and needles. Learn the needlework and a bit of tailoring. Importantly, your art needs to be backed by traditional handcraft.

Embroidery DIY project to sell

Nevertheless, the designs need to be trendy and millennium. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube. Moreover, it is really easy to do as well. You can get tons of designs from Facebook groups.

Tip: You can add embroidery in t-shirt blanks and resell them.

3. Polymer Clay Key Chains and Jewelry

These products are hot right now. Moreover, polymer clay jewelry tools are available as starter kits online. When you bake polymer clay it almost turns into the plastic. It’s very durable and designable.

Jewelry DIY project to sell

Polymer clay offers plenty of control in regards to shape and texture. All you need to purchase is polymer clay, thread, needle, and toothpick. Then, you need to loosen up the polymer clay. Thereby, you can manipulate clay to get any desired shape.

Tip: You can paint cooled down the clay with acrylic paint.

4. Marble Glassware


This is super easy and doesn’t require watching too many tutorials. Fill in a tray with water and pour nail polishes on top. Roll the colors around with a skewer or something, in order to marble the nail polish.

Dip your ceramic ware in it and let it absorb all the color. You can do the same with glassware too. Now, you have the perfect bottoms up to the glass.

Tip: Use a mix of colorful nail polishes for elegant fusion.

5. Exotic Pillow Cover

E-commerce stores offer really bizarre and quirky kind of fabrics these days. The key is to come up with fresh ideas. Evidently, pillow covers are an easy sell in this space.

Pillow covers DIY project to sell

Purchase custom printed cloth and sew it into pillowcases. Additionally, selling them along with bizarre pillows can be a profitable upsell. Offer them in a multitude of sizes – X, XX & XXL.

Tip: Offer custom printed as well as embroidered pillowcases for drop shipping.

6. Bralette


Bralette is back and everybody loves it. It’s small size and light weight makes it easier for shipping. There is so much room for creating something really unique. You can stick with basic lace or embroider more details or offer a larger size.

By definition, Bralette is a bra with no wires or cups. It has thin lacy straps which provide reasonable support. It serves well for small to average busty woman.

Tip: Move into one specific niche rather than doing it all.

7. Pet Clothing

Pet clothing is a hot niche right now. People like to dress up their furry friends. Importantly, pet owners celebrate the pet’s birthdays these days. It’s quite a huge market with very little players. You can start selling pet clothing in Etsy.

Pet clothes

Even from humanitarian grounds, dressing up your dog can be justified. Having foreign breeds in colder climates require dog clothing. Same applies to kittens and other pets. For jackets to sweater to dog collar to shirts, there is a range of dresses.

Tip: Learn to make no-sew clothing for quick profits.

8. Computer Stickers

Gather your favorite images from the internet. Getting fandom images and Tumblr images is recommended. Once you have collected them, put it in word documents. Print it using a laser printer. Cut them out to form stickers. Use double sided tape or adhesive to create proper stickers.

Laptop Cover DIY project to sell

People can stick it to laptops, computers or literally anywhere. Making these stickers is so cheap and personalized.

Tip: Use images of music colleges or something with a strong following.

9. Pastel Tie Dye

Tie dye kits are available in stores everywhere. The tubes come pretty saturated with color. Make the pastel more diluted by adding water to it. Now, take blank t-shits or one of the identical dresses that you own.

Pastel Tie Dye DIY project to sell

Use only the dirty cheap clothes for this purpose. You can tie die it by pouring pastel on it and rotating on it with a skewer. The designs that you achieve are generally awesome. These are the perfect items for drop shipping online.

Tip: For wholesale orders buy t-shirt blanks in bulk.

10. Thread Wrapped Bracelets


All you need is metal bangles, thread, rings, and hangable. They have a really happy feel to it. Above all, it’s so easy to make. It’s easily brandable and marketable too.

Wrap the thread around the bangle while adding glue. While you are at it, you can add other miniature items of charm too. Use keychain rings to attach a few hangable to the bracelet.

Tip: Pick up bangles for cheap from thrift stores.

The ideas discussed in this post require the least of instruments. There is no complex setup or lengthy training involved. With instruments such as 3D printers, you can do a lot more.

How to sell your DIY projects?

Prior to making your projects, do your research. See what’s trending on the internet and worldwide. Check out trends across shopping sites, social media, review sites, etc. Get inspired by the good as well as bad designs out there.

Act like an artist, think like a businessman. Factor in the costs involved, market size and time spent. Figure out the general price and see if it matches with the price you are willing to sell it for. Work out the right quantity of products you need to make.

As a rule of thumb, never ever make perishable products. Importantly, make products that can be scaled up. Look out for related upsells. Work out your marketing strategy. Think about ways to earn returning clients.

When you are selling online, grow a following. Create social media fan pages for your products. Network with social media marketers for Retweets, shares, etc… If you are getting big, consider investing in social media influencers. Place the same product in multiple stores and websites. Place ads in classifieds and local portals.

In case of offline sales, rely on word of mouth marketing. Use the products yourself to show them to friends and family. Sometimes, random people may come up to your laptop Cover DIY project to sell inquire about the product. Offer valuable add-ins such as home delivery or faster courier services.

DIY projects to sell