Top 15 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration

Lifestyle blogs provide an excellent opportunity to get an insight into the lifestyles of others and the choices they make. The best lifestyle blogs draw in a huge audience and many people across the world follow them religiously. I love spending at least an hour every day reading these blogs. They help me grow and improve my lifestyle choices through their useful tips and advise. These blogs not only inspire you, but also provide great tips related to health, beauty, travel, family and food.

If you are a lifestyle enthusiast and looking for some exciting and popular lifestyle blogs to follow this year, you are in the right place. Here, I have compiled a list of the best lifestyle blogs that have managed to inspire audiences across the world.

Best Lifestyle Blogs for Home Interior Design

One of the most popular sub-niches that people commonly like to follow is home interior design. Interior designing, gardening and home repairs are the popular key topics related to these blogs. The main focus is on refreshing the home ambiance and making your house beautiful with some amazing design tips. I would recommend at least 5 minutes a day to browse through these blogs for top class ideas and implement them into your designs for your house.

best lifestyle blogs for home interior design
best lifestyle blogs for home interior design

1. Quint Essence Blog

This blog mainly focuses on the best of classic home designs and decor items. This award-winning blog has also been featured in many top magazines like Connecticut Cottages & Gardens,  Luxe Magazine, Flower Magazine and many more.

The Quint Essence blog covers everything ranging from art and architecture to fashion and jewelry. Additionally, it informs you on ideas about home interiors and design, food and wine, travel and much more. Thus, this blog has become one stop for most of the audiences who seek inspiration in their lifestyle needs.

2. On Better Living

OnBetterLiving has been a premier digital lifestyle brand since 2002. Their team of authors supplies you with plenty of details to get started on home interior designs. They get over 1,000,000 monthly page views and is followed by half a million people on twitter and facebook.

Their posts cover extensively on home interiors, especially furniture, food, health and other big boy stuff. They do have travel posts based on personal experiences and is a great read for those into travelling around the word. Thus, this blog should definitely be on your follow list as the cover a majority of topics regarding lifestyle.

Best Lifestyle Blogs for Food

The most common theme in lifestyle blogs is food and we know foodies stay genuine for a lifetime. They are not the type of people to ditch their passion in a day and we can understand why (who doesn’t love food?). They love surfing the internet for newer recipes and cuisines and some of them even salivate by just looking at the pictures.  Lots of people don’t mind drooling in front of a screen as they imaging themselves been mouth deep in the tantalizing food. They are the type of people to taste food with their eyes before they could with their mouth. The top blogs we suggest here will leave more food for your thoughts.

best lifestyle blogs for food
best lifestyle blogs for food

3. Cookin with Mima

Mariam Ezziddine alias Mima is one of the top food influencers in the world. Her formidable Instagram profile shadows her website, mainly because of the pictures she takes. She has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram who can definitely attest she is a certified foodie. Interestingly, she pursued Criminal Justice in college, which shows that you don’t exactly have to focus on food your entire life to be a foodie. But, it would be criminal of you to miss her food blog.

Here, she provides you with healthy and delicious recipes which are simple and easy to cook. So, if you want to cook some interesting meals for your family this holiday, this blog can be of great help and you can bring out the hidden cook within you.

4. Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella is the kickass food blog from Ella Mills, a British Entrepreneur. She has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and her journey itself is so inspiring that you would definitely want to follow her. If you are a fan of plant-based food, then this blog is exclusively for you.

Though started as a personal healthy eating documentary blog, it turned into a successful business venture. Deliciously Ella has evolved into apps, food products, and deli. Her diet cookbook series was a runaway success. Visit her blog and Instagram profile for the exotic recipes you definitely want to add in your life.

Best Lifestyle Blogs for Fashion

Fashion is the next popular niche relating to lifestyle blogs. Contrary to popular belief, men are as much of a fashionista as women. Regardless of gender, people love to show off their flair, manifested through the clothes they wear. People believe they feel more confident by just dressing up stylishly. These are the readers who wants to be inspired before making their next fashion choice.

best lifestyle blogs for fashion
best lifestyle blogs for fashion

5. The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad blog has an immense influence in the fashion industry. Chiara, who runs this blog, is an Italian business person, but she does fashion blogging on the side. In 2009, she created this blog and entered the Instagram world three years later. Her Instagram profile has amassed over 15 million followers since then.

By 2015, she was listed in Forbes Magazine section ‘30 under 30’. She is nominated in Forbes as the most powerful influencer right now. So, if you are searching for some fashion and beauty advice you must definitely follow her blog.

6. Goop

Gwyneth Paltrow launched this gem of a lifestyle blog in 2008. This modern lifestyle blog was initially started as a weekly newsletter, but now it provides some amazing pieces of advice on beauty, food, travel, wellness, style, and work.

The blog is very pleasant to read for just about anyone. They believe in making every choice count that will make life beautiful and easy. You can even buy some of the branded accessories, clothes or bags on her blog.

7. Primer Magazine

Were you expecting a men’s fashion blog on the list? 3, 2, 1 *drumrolls* Check out the Primer Magazine blog ran by the owner Andrew. Andrew started this blog in college and later turned it into his full-time profession. He classifies this blog as the ‘guy’s guide to growing up’.

If you guys are looking forward to some inspiration, self-development and growing yourself, then you must definitely read this magazine.

Best Lifestyle Blogs for Travelling

For some people, traveling is a soul searching process that they discover themselves by traveling to places. Moreover, the traveler in you never goes away, it just gets sedated by the mundane lifestyles that alot of us live. Luckily, it shows up the moment you get excited about taking vacations and planning your next holiday. These top travel blogs fall into the category of lifestyle blogs for travelling and they almost always double up as photography blogs too.

best lifestyle blogs for travelling
best lifestyle blogs for travelling

8. The Sunday Chapter

Warning, this is not an all out travel blog, because it does cover fashion and beauty topics too. Angela, an Australian blogger started it in 2014.

All of the posts are written are based on personal experiences. Thus, the travel posts will come with personally took photographs, which immerses you into the moment. If you are looking for some tips and inspiration to travel, then this is one great blog for you to follow.

9. Hej Doll

Jessica Doll is a travelling blogger and a professional photographer. She is named one of the top 20 San Francisco based bloggers by Flip Key. The mantra of Hej Doll is lifestyle plus travel.

Traveling, living and styling are the prominent themes throughout the entire blog and you will be treated to some breathtaking photographs as well.

10. Among other things…

Hallie Wilson runs this blog that is based on her been-there-done-that experiences. She has a thing or two for anyone when it comes to travel and fitness. Her brand of humor makes the content a double delight and adds to the experiences from her perspective. If you didn’t know already, this blog was formerly known as Corals and Cognacs.

Best Lifestyle Blogs for Health and Fitness

Health and fitness belong to the lifestyle niche too and rightfully so.  People look up to models and icons for inspiration because they have an image to uphold and no doubt live lifestyles that many will dream to have. Additionally, lone warriors with tall goals are appreciated too, despite their lack of popularity. People like to see their next-door average Joes making progress in their fat loss journey as it adds to the relatability. These are the guys who transform into top fitness influencers through persistence and motivation. The female bloggers are the ones who rule this space more than ever now.

best lifestyle blogs for health and fitness
best lifestyle blogs for health and fitness


HBFIT expands to health, beauty, fitness and TV because it is not just about exercises and workouts. Hanna Bronfman, who runs this blog, writes about go-to sunshine destinations, yoga hotspots, vitamin based diets and much more. Also, the tips focus on practicality and ease so almost anyone reading can execute them in their lives.

12. PumpsandIron

As the name suggests, this is a hardcore fitness blog and they have some of the best workouts across various categories. They even have a section dedicated to various type of running for the cardio lovers out there. Nicole, the founder of is a certified Personal Trainer from NASM. She knows exactly what she is talking about and can help you train well in your fitness journey.

13. ConsciousLifestyleMag

Meghan McDonald and Justin Faerman run this blog and they go beyond just fitness, as they also suggest ways for a peaceful and stressful life. To be precise, this blog revolves around health and healing. Spend a tad more time on this blog because it is a classic read.

Best Lifestyle Blogs for Moms

Mom blogs are amongst the most followed on the internet because the majority of top-earning YouTube channels, operate in the Kids niche. Here, you got a large target audience across all demographics as there are around 2-3 billion moms on the planet. Thus, no number of mommy blogs can saturate the market.

best lifestyle blogs for moms
best lifestyle blogs for moms

14. ACupofJo

A Cup of Jo focuses on motherhood more than parenthood. Jonna Goddard, founder of this blog is a full-time blogger and a mother of two little boys. She inspires people with simple to implement lifestyle advice and the blog was even featured in Forbes “Top 10 lifestyle websites for women”.

A women’s only team runs this lifestyle blog that was founded in 2007. Now, the blog now receives over 5 million monthly page views of which 1 million are unique visitors.

15. Overourwall

Katie Stauffer is the mom behind this blog. Besides being a loving mother, she’s also a passionate photographer. The Internet has allowed her to become an Instagram celebrity where she has a whopping 4 million followers. She captures those beautiful and cute family moments that should be more than just imprinted into your memory banks.

Lifestyle Blogs to Follow