13 Best Indoor Plants For Your Home That are Easy to Care

Indoor plants, part of the interior decor, beautifully fill long, empty halls. Nevertheless, they are more than just space fillers. They bring in ambiance, aesthetics and pure air. What are the best indoor plants for your home?

13 Best Indoor Plant Ideas to Decorate Your House

Let’s find out…

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant

Aloe Vera requires very little care or maintenance. Besides aesthetics and air-purifying properties, it also has medicinal benefits. The gel inside its elongated leaves can heal cuts and burns. It’s widely believed to have cosmetic benefits as well. You can enjoy an all-natural Aloe Vera facial once in a while. The plant can receive as much sunlight as you can provide. Place it in areas with full exposure to sunlight.

2. Chinese evergreen

chinese evergreen

These plants are so easy to take care of.  They grow in places where other plants seldom grow. Lack of light is hardly an issue. This tropical plant does well in the humid air. When the air is dry, the tips on leaves start turning brown.

3. Croton


There are tons of species of croton available globally. The color of the leaves depends on what species you have. You need to grow them in right conditions if you want the leaves to just glow. Obviously, for crotons, they need moist soil and bright yet indirect sunlight. Crotons are sensitive to water clogging. Its leaves droop when soil holds too much water.

4. Peace Lily

peace lily plant


Known for its lavish lily flowers, this is a medium sized beauty. Peace lilies require the least of maintenance. They remove toxic chemicals from the air, making it the best yoga companion. They like shades and cooler temperatures. Tolerant to low humidity it’s the perfect plant for apartments. When the leaves droop, you need to water the plant. Then, you can watch them swiftly perk up.

5. Boston fern

boston fern

A popular type of fern available globally is the Boston fern. Any type of fern requires a bright spot but not direct sunlight. The plant does well in green moist soil. Boston fern looks amazing in the living room and restroom. Since they love moisture or humidity, the leaves turn bright yellow in the restroom or near the pool. Evidently, the foliage increases to offer a spectacular view.

6. Foxtail fern

foxtail fern plant

Foxtail fern has more tolerance for low light. Thus, they come handy when the house isn’t getting adequate sunlight. You can either hang it on the wall or keep it on a table. A mature plant can grow up to 8-10 feet and finds its way to the yard. Such mature plants have tiny white flowers that attract bees. There are multiple variants of the Foxtail fern.

7. Fiddle Leaf Fig

fiddle leaf fig plant


It’s long, glossy leaves define the plant for you. It’s indeed the interior designer’s darling. These plants can grow really tall. If you have tall, empty halls, this plant is for you. They do well with bright, indirect sunlight. Water it whenever you see the soil go dry. Use a cloth to dust off the leaves. Evidently, it improves the look as well as allows the plant to absorb sunlight better.

8. Swiss cheese plant

Swiss Cheese plant

You might know this plant by its other name – Monstera Deliciousa. The leaves have magical looking cuts and split. This plant is an art in itself. It’s quite natural to fall in love with the shape of its leaves. Similar to Fiddle fig, this plant prefers indirect sunlight. Needless to say, it does require dusting and mandates maintenance. Nevertheless, you make a bold, beautiful statement right in the living room.

9. Rubber plant

Rubber plant

There are various types of rubber plants. The American version comes in green. In Europe, you got brown shades. The Indian rubber plant has its trademark burgundy color. These plants are for bigger, taller rooms. When you chop its single stem at the top, you can see some lateral growth. Above all, it grows a lot slower and you need to have the patience for it.

10. Money plant

Money plant is one of the rarest to grow in water. All you need to do is, take a cutting and put it in water. If it has roots, this plant can start growing even in water. You can also put them in soil, if possible. They grow and develop really quickly. When placed under the sun, they develop lighter color leaves.

11. Golden Pothos

It is commonly dubbed as the Devil’s Ivy. You can recognize the species from its medium green, heart-shaped leaves.  Additionally, you can notice the beautiful golden yellow variegation on them. The marbling on the leaves is splendid. You can put them on the shelf and let the leaves hang down. Alternatively, place it on a table and let the leaves spill over.

12. Snake plant

snake plant


It’s comically dubbed as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’. They have a neat leaf structure. The grandeur is complement by minimalism in design. Snake plants don’t need much sun or water to survive. It’s perfectly beginner friendly, being an easy choice for any corner of your home.

13. Spider plant

spider plant

This is a safe choice if you have pets or children in the house. Spider plant doesn’t hold absorbed toxins in itself. It does well in cooler temperatures and dry soil. The best spot for the plant is somewhere close to the window.

Did you know…?

Best indoor plant ideas

We all know that plants can improve air quality. All of these findings are based on a 1989 NASA study. The chief scientist, B.C. Wolverton collected a few best indoor plants and put them in chambers, where harmful chemicals such as Ammonia, Benzene, etc… were pumped in.

After 24 hours of the testing period, it was proved that only a few plants have the ability to remove 90% of the harmful chemicals. Boston fern, Chinese evergreen, Devil’s Ivy, peace lily and snake lily occupied the list.

Snake plant, in particular, had the optimal surface area for improved chemical removal ratio among indoor plants.

Summing it up…

Local weather, personal preferences and available space determine the best indoor plants for your home. We have listed down indoor plants that produce more oxygen, provide ambiance and more. We have handpicked the best across all popular categories.

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