Bedroom Storage Ideas

10 Smart Bedroom Storage Ideas You Will Love

Messiest room in the house? Of course my bedroom! You’ll find a chair full of clothes, a box with all the shoes jumbled up, a messed up jewelry box and my makeup just lying in a drawer. And opening the closet door every day is soo scary! All the dresses and tops which I have forcefully stuffed in jump on me as I slightly open the door.

But yes, this was all before I decided to set up my bedroom and get it organized once and for all. And that is when I realized that I need to find some nice bedroom storage ideas to get everything in its place.

But this is not just my condition, many of us have a room just like me. Obviously, less space in the bedroom does not stop us from shopping, but we can create so much place for all the things if we remove the clutter and get everything organized. Don’t know where to start? It’s okay. I am here to help you. These genius bedroom storage ideas and hacks will give you a clean and happy bedroom

10 Stylish and Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas

Here we go.

1. Laundry Hamper

Laundry Hamper

Instead of throwing your used clothes on the chair, get yourself a laundry hamper. Keep the hamper in one corner of the room. You can put your clothes and socks in it and carry it out to the laundry room where you can separate the clothes according to the color and type.

This way you will remember to wash all your clothes from time to time. If you have a small bedroom use a hanging hamper as it saves up the floor space. You can hang it behind the bedroom or bathroom door. (Tip: Fold your clothes in the laundry room itself, so that when you come to your room you can directly keep them it in place)

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2. Double-Duty Furniture

Vanity Table

When you have a small bedroom or you want to keep it spacious, double-duty furniture is the perfect solution to it. This multifunctional vanity tables can be used as both a vanity table and study table. It has a flip-top mirror which can be lifted when you want to get ready and you can put it down when you want to use it as a writing table.

So, instead of getting separate tables you can opt for furniture that can be used for more than one purpose. It will save your floor space and money.

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3. Clothes Rack

Clothes Rack

There is no need to stuff all your clothes in the closet. Buy a clothing rack for the bedroom, where you can hang your daily wears or pressed shirts. The tiers on the rack allow you to keep your shoes, sandals, home slippers, purse, etc. You can use it to hang your dresses or night wears.

There are a variety of racks available with different features like two hanging rods instead of one, a shelf at the top of the rack, and so on. You can choose the rack based on your needs and space available. This will make your bedroom look more elegant and stylish.

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4. Drawer Divider

Drawer Divider

Socks, inner wears, scarfs, ties, and lingerie can easily create a mess in the drawer. Also, you don’t want them to just hang around here and there. Pairs of socks can easily be misplaced or the tie may just be lost and forgotten at the end of the drawer. To avoid this use drawer dividers to keep each little thing in its place.

The drawer organizers are divided into small cells for each garment. Small cubes for socks and underwears, big cells for bra and other organizers to keep ties, belts, and scarfs. It will keep the drawer clean and ordered and you can easily access them when you need it.

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5. Ottoman Storage Bed

Storage Bed

One must try to make maximum use of every piece of furniture in the room. Instead of using regular bed use ottoman storage beds. It is a brilliant storage solution. It provides an under bed storage wherein you can keep all your extra bed sheets, pillows, winter wears, suitcases, etc. The storage bed will keep all the unnecessary stuff out of sight and safe at the same time.

But if you already have a bed and do not wish to change it soon, here is the solution for you – use storages bags and rolling under bed storage trolley to keep some of your garments and things below the bed. You can even keep some of your shoes below the bed using the trolley

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6. Bookshelf Wall

Bookshelf Wall

Use the vertical space to its full potential. And what is a more excellent storage solution than shelves? This bookshelf wall completely surrounds the top of the bed. You can put your books, photos, achievements, trophies, collectibles, etc on this shelf. This is very helpful if you have a small bedroom.

Floating shelves can be installed in corners, tiny places where you can keep some of your small things. You can build shelves along the walls of the bedroom below the ceiling or above the door.

7. Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage

Your expensive shoes can easily get damaged if not stored properly. Also if you have a huge collection a pair can easily be missed out or crushed below some other pair. So, it is important to organize your shoes properly. Shoe racks are the basic solution for shoe storage. But if you want more attractive shoe storage ideas, go for shoe chubby or a rotating shoe rack like lazy susan.

The shoe chubby can be built into any shape you like based on your collection. It can be assembled to fit any type of shoe.  This way you can easily grab a pair you wish to wear and also show off your collection. If you have some extra cubes left, use it to keep your purse or clutches.

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8. Drawer Chest or Ottoman

Storage Drawer

These drawers chest can be used as an extra storage space in the bedroom. You can store all the extra clothing, night suits, towels, yoga pants, etc. The top of this drawer table is a hard surface so you can use it as a nightstand near the bed to keep the lamp and alarm clock.

Ottoman will also give you a little extra storage space. It is usually placed near the bed but you can also keep it near the door or window. The top of the ottoman can work as a soft comfortable seat.

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9. Hanging Storage

Hanging Organizers

There are a variety of hanging organizers available in the market. It comes in the form of drawers, shoe rack, etc. which are absolutely perfect storage organizers for the closets. The hanging shoe rack stores most of your shoes in a small vertical space without damaging them. The hanging drawers can be used to keep towels, caps, and other daily used accessories.

You can hang it inside the closet, behind the door or on the wall. It is more efficient storage for those limited on space, as it takes up less floor space.

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10. Jewelry Cabinet

Jewelry organizer

Do you easily lose an earring from a pair? Or your necklaces are always entangled? This happens when we store all types of jewelry in a box or keep it anywhere. So, to avoid misplacing any item use a jewelry cabinet to store all you tiny or big ornaments.

The jewelry cabinet is built in a way that it has a place for everything. You’ll find earring’s slot, necklace hooks, bracelet holder, ring cushion, extra small racks and drawers to store some other stuff. You can easily mount this cabinet on the wall, that means there is no need for extra floor space.

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Using these storage ideas I was able to transform my messy and cluttery bedroom into a beautiful and organized space. I hope these bedroom storage ideas have inspired you to create a perfect bedroom. Also, don’t forget to tell me your final results in the comment section below.

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