15 Best Vegetables that Grow in Shade

Is not having enough sunlight stopping you from starting your own vegetable garden? Or there is a shady part of the garden that is never used? Don’t you worry, I am here with a perfect solution to your problem. It’s not that you need sunlight throughout the day for growing vegetables. There are some vegetables that need only partial sunlight like an hour or two. I am here to tell you about such vegetables in this post.

Shade vegetables

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15 Vegetables that Grow in Shade

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1. Broccoli


Broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse and it belongs to the cabbage family. It is one of the few vegetables that can survive in cold temperature. You can easily plant broccoli in the shady part of your garden and enjoy the amazing harvest.

All that broccoli needs is well-drained and fertile soil. Few hours of direct or indirect sunlight is enough to grow a healthy crop. So, if you are planning to go healthy this season, enjoy fresh and rich flavored broccoli from your garden.

2. Lettuce


Just like broccoli, lettuce also prefers cool temperature. This salad staple can be grown out in your garden in the shady region or in a container inside your house.

Lettuce does not require much sunlight. Some landscaper even prefers covering the plant to avoid direct sunlight. Just water them regularly and enjoy the salad greens.

3. Arugula


This green leafy plant is widely used in salads. Arugula also known as ‘Rocket’ is the fastest growing leafy greens. The harvest will be ready within 4 weeks and you can sow a few seeds every few weeks if you enjoy eating arugula.

It can grow in both full sunlight or partial sunlight and needs well-drained organic soil. If you enjoy the mustard like flavor then you must definitely include Arugula in the list of vegetables that you would like to grow.

4. Bok Choy

Bok choy

Bok Choy also known as the Chinese cabbage is a cool weather vegetable. It prefers partial shade and does not take a lot of space. You can even grow them in containers.

The harvest will be ready in less than two months and you can simply stir-fry or bake the Bok Choy and add it to salads or soups.

5. Beet

Beet Vegetables that Grow in Shade

Another vegetable in the list of vegetables that grow in shade is beet. This tasty red vegetable is the fastest growing plant. It is very easy to grow and does not require much space. Beets prefer cool temperature and therefore is an amazing vegetable to grow in shade. If you want continues supply of beet, plant the seeds 2-3 weeks apart from each other.

6. Spinach


Want to be like Popeye? Eat Spinach! Spinach has similar requirements to that of lettuce.

This cool weather crop is very useful in salads and healthy smoothies. You can grow them during mild winters, spring, or fall. If you like to enjoy spinach quite often, you can plant them successively in every two weeks.

7. Carrot


The growing season of carrots is usually spring and fall. Carrots need atleast 5-6 hours of sunlight. Partial shade is also acceptable but your harvest will take longer time than usual.

Also, you need to till your soil for the carrots to grow long and straight. So, if you have a spot in your garden that is least shady and has good soil, it’s perfect for carrots.

8. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Vegetables that Grow in Shade

Brussels Sprouts is another vegetable of the cabbage family. Unlike Bok Choy, it takes a long time to grow. Brussels Sprouts love cool climate over hot climate. So if you have a shady corner in the garden, plant brussels sprouts and wait patiently. You can also grow short season crops like beans and bush peas in between the rows.

9. Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard is known for its super nutritious quality and also its colorful and bright stem and is super nutritious. It is quite easy to grow and you can even cut the old leaves and let the new leaves grow. Swiss Chard can be grown in both cool and warm temperature. Therefore partial shade is a perfect spot for this plant.

10. Cauliflower

cauliflower Vegetables that Grow in Shade

Just like Broccoli, cauliflowers also enjoy cool temperature. So, if you are planting broccoli, you can also plant a cauliflower. But cauliflower needs little work and care and a few hours of sun. You also need to need to be blanch for a white and sweet cauliflower. Therefore, it is not suggested for beginners.

11. Peas


Peas are easy to grow and they also add nitrogen to the soil that helps the surrounding plants grow better.  They grow fine in a partially shady area but it requires 4-5 hours of sunlight. Peas do not stay fresh for a long them, thus harvesting the pea pods occasionally will encourage new pods to grow.

12. Kale

Vegetables that Grow in Shade Kale

Greens are the best vegetable to grow in shade. Kale is the part of the cabbage family and it also survives in very cool temperature. It is suggested that one must plant Kale in early spring to early summer. Kale tastes better after a touch of frost. You can use kale in your salads or make the yummy kale chips.

13. Cress


Cress is the perfect vegetable for growing in the fully shaded area of the garden. Garden Cress is easy to grow and matures really fast. It loves moist soil and you can even grow them in a container. You can use Cress in sandwiches, salads or soup.

14. Collard Greens

Vegetables that Grow in Shade - collard greens

Collard Greens do not require 7-8 hours of direct sun. But if you want a good and healthy harvest, you need to grow it in a spot where it can receive 4-5 hours of sunlight. This is another vegetable of the cabbage family which looks similar to kale, but the texture of the leave and its taste makes it different.

15. Radishes

Raddish 1

This is another root-vegetable that is easy to grow. Radish seeds can be planted in the spring or at the end of summer. It can be grown in the region of your yard, but this will result in small roots and big greens. If you wan big roots, then avoid the shady area. Radish takes only 3-4 week to mature and hence you can plant their seeds in the intervals of 2 weeks.

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I hope that now you have a list of vegetables to raise in your garden. Let us know in the comment section below if you found our article ‘Vegetables that Grow in Shade’ useful and also what vegetable are you planning to grow first. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

Vegetables that grow in shade