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11 Amazing and Simple DIY Pallet Projects and Ideas


diy pallet projects

Who doesn’t like exploring pallet projects?  Pallets can withstand heaviest of weights. DIY Pallet Projects are pretty easy to make. You can comfortably take the DIY route. Make your home amazing with some awesome and creative DIY pallet projects.

All you need is to invest in tools and learn the techniques. Practice makes you perfect especially when it comes to pallet projects.

10 Easy-to-do DIY Pallet Projects

Gather some tools and let’s get started.

1. Birdhouse

We recommend every birder and hobbyist to try this one. Attracting natural predators to your garden or lawn helps take care of the pest problem.


To attract bigger birds, especially birds of prey, make bigger birdhouses. Cover three sides using wooden pallets and create an opening for the bird.

For domesticated birds, you can use a relatively smaller box type birdhouse. Use iron nets if it’s necessary. Provide with food and water to encourage nesting.

2. Dining table

Pallets can build your dining table for the most part. Additionally, you are going to need a few wooden rods. You can create a dining table of all shapes and sizes.

Dining Table DIY Pallet Projects

Assume the size of your dining table. Make a guesstimate of all three dimensions. We recommend making an indicative chart prior to starting on it.

Do not leave too much of a gap between any two pallets. Uniformly maintain the gap between the pallets. While you are at it, you can make small sized chairs too.

3. Skid

More often than not, when you say pallets, it is understood as skids. These are flat transport structures that help in freight activities.


As a project, these are simple to make. It has a very basic design, which you can notice in the pictures. For domestic use, you are free to use custom dimensions. However, ISO sanctions six standard dimensions for commercial distribution.

These pallets can support a lot of weight. It supports weight in good balance when lifted by loaders and forklifts. Wood offers a lot of advantages, especially in regards to freight and cargo.

4. Herb Planter

People are returning to eco-friendly living. They like to take it indoors too. Health conscious people like to have their seasoning herbs available at home.

Herb Planter Project

Placing potted plants on the floor takes up a lot of space. Why not use the vertical space that’s available to you? A great way to do that is using wooden herb planters. You can either place the pots inside the structure or hang them to it.

Use name tags for herbs to avoid confusion. Make sure the herbs get adequate sunlight. Place the herb planter close to taps, to make watering easy.

5. Lawnchair & Table

Here is another interesting idea in the list of DIY Pallet Projects. This is the final tough project we are going to suggest. Lawnchair is such a useful pallet project. Along with a table, it makes the perfect furniture set for outdoors.

Lawnchair and table

It will let you to comfortably bask in the sunlight or relax in the shade. A table will be handy to keep your electronics and refreshments. Focus on bringing that laid back feeling.

Focus more on the finishes than anything else. Explore multiple models of lawn chair before making yours.

6. Photo Frame

It’s time to get to easy-to-do projects. One of the easiest pallet projects is photo frame. All you need is four fine pieces of wood. Align it in the shape of a square and use nails to create the structure.

DIY Pallet Projects

Look at the size of the photographs before making your photo frame. Alternatively, you can use any of the standard sizes. Include a hook to let it hang on the wall. Use the most elegant of wood for this purpose.

7. Swing

Swing is the easiest pallet project for anyone. All you need is one log of wood. You might feel the need to attach two to make it stronger. Nevertheless going with one piece of wood is preferred.


Use the strongest of wood to make a swing. The reason is that it needs to withstand a couple of iron bolts. Moreover, it has to support your entire body weight. Once you nailed it perfectly, you got a nice little addition to your backyard.

8. Wall Racks

Storage is an integral part of any home interior. You just can’t stop with horizontally available space. You have to think about the available vertical space too. We have stands and showcases for this purpose.

Wall Racks DIY Pallet Projects

However, a pallet rack will be more than handy. Building a few is really easy. The depicted picture will inspire you for ideas. The range is only limited to your imagination. The focus is on optimally using the space available.

9. Wooden box

A wooden box is simple to do a project that scores maximum on utility. You can safeguard anything from grains to nuts to even valuables. It can protect the inside content from harshest of weather.

Wooden box

You need 6 small pieces of wood to create a box. Additionally, you will need some iron tools as add-ons. It is used to close and secure the box. Alternatively, you can avoid iron totally via smart crafting.

10. Wooden Crate

Wooden crate is something you are going to need at some point in time. It’s so useful in taking care of pets. If you are having a litter of kitten or puppy or ferrets, you are going to need a crate. You can’t let these furry babies roam free in the house.

Wooden Crate

Crates are very simple to make and they serve a lot more purpose besides pet’s care. You can keep other items such as books, cosmetics, dresses and what not.

11. Wooden Flower Pot

Among the myriad ideas that center on pallet projects is a wooden flower pot. Make a box-like structure and fill it with soil. Feel free to leave gaps, since it’s good for aerating the soil. Be prepared to transport your plant to another place, when it grows bigger. Moreover, the wooden flower pot is liked by most species of plants.

Flower pot DIY Pallet Projects

Safety comes first when you are working with materials such as wood or steel. Always wear safety glasses while working on projects. When dealing with heavy instruments, seek for help. Once the project is completed, check the finishes. Ensure the furniture is smooth from all sides.

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